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All In The Family

At New England Coffee, many people are passionate about quality. But no one has been as passionate about it for as long as Steve Kaloyanides Sr. has. Steve Sr. is a second generation family member and our current Coffee Consultant at New England Coffee.

“I’ve been working at New England Coffee for over 70 years,” says Steve Sr. “My father, his brother, and his cousin were the founders, back in 1916. They started with a restaurant, but one day one of the customers suggested that they should go into the coffee business. There were a lot of other Greek restaurant owners in the neighborhood who they knew would buy from them, so they decided to give the coffee business a try. That was how it all began.”

For decades Steve Sr. helped run New England Coffee, directing operations, coffee purchasing, and quality control. These days, he monitors coffee supply and demand and inventory, “but my primary concern is tasting and testing the coffee,” he says. “I’m still learning. I want to keep doing it as long as I can.”

After 70 years, Steve Sr. speaks with authority on what sets New England Coffee apart. “Our biggest strength is our people. We tell our employees to have their brother or sister or husband or wife come work with us. We want that. We’ve done a great job of honoring the people who’ve been here a long time and their experience and all the things they are teaching the next generation. We’re unique because we care so deeply about each other. You can’t replicate that. It’s what keeps us thinking and acting like a small company, no matter how big we get.”

In 100 years, our passion for quality has never wavered, says Steve Sr. “The way we care about the coffee, our methods of quality, they haven’t changed. And there’s no other way that we know how to do it than the way we’ve learned over the last century.”

Steve Sr. shares his two keys to success, “The first is to keep making and selling the best quality coffee to our customers. We’re proud of our coffee. The second is to hire and keep good people. We’re so fortunate to have wonderful people working at our company. I’m very proud of them. We all work well together, and that’s what counts.” Here’s to another 100 years!


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Where can I purchase tea retail ?

Attleboro, MA

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A great family created a great family business!


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