Centennial Reserve

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Join us in celebrating our 100th anniversary with this special blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Kenya and Ethiopia, which combine to deliver rich body and bold, smooth flavor.

Medium Roast


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Centennial Reserve

  1. Anne

    This is sooooo smooth and rich. My new favorite.

  2. Shelley Cauthen

    Imfrom Massachusetts, olive in South Carolina many years. When I found this in my stores I was excited,but I am slowly seeing it go from the stores. Glad to know I can order when I can’t find anymore. Love many of the flavors.

  3. leonardo a barrera

    Absolutely delicious..nothing beats a hot cup of breakfast blend in the a.m

  4. Jeffrey D Trotter

    CENTENNIAL RESERVE is an amazing cup of coffee. I like it bold but no so bold that it is bitter. The Centennial Reserve is smooooth and bold. I like my coffee creamy and NO sugar. Centennial Reserve is the bag I want by my coffee percolator. I brew a 10-cup pot every morning and I use a total of 12 heaping tablespoons for a PERFECT CENTENNIAL RESERVE brew… I’ve exposed it to may coffee drinkers at our home over the last couple of months… They Love IT! My grocers of choice have all run out… So, I’m down to about 4 or 5 bags left. I need to order at least 10 Bags from NE Coffee… I hope you keep this blend going as it has made me a New England Coffee fan!

  5. Milagros Falu

    I like this coffee a lot.

  6. Eileen Gregorkiewicz

    Love the Hazelnut, and the Blueberry Cobbler

  7. Joann Field

    I love your coffee. Just wish there were more decaffeinated choices.

  8. Pat

    Great tasting coffee…if this is limited run what is next closet flavor? ? ? ? ?

  9. Pat

    Great tasting coffee…If this is limited run?…what is next best flavor? ? ?

  10. Jillian Kivlin

    I loved this one! Only thing I actually liked brewing at home! Will it be back?? 🙁 I can’t find it anywhere.

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