Thanksgiving Recipes with Coffee

Food’s favorite holiday is almost here! At New England Coffee we are already starting to dream of the creamy potatoes, decadent desserts and golden turkeys. Now traditional recipes are all well and good but if you would like to shake things up this year, we have some pretty uniquely delicious recipes for your sides, desserts and the ever so important bird.

At New England Coffee we are always looking for fun and creative ways to cook with brewed coffee or coffee grinds. If you are more interested in cooking with coffee grinds, check out this BBQ Coffee Rub from the Chew. The spice combination is so flavorful you can use this rub on your turkey, holiday roast, and more.

If you plan to grill your bird this Thanksgiving, we have a great recipe for you. This Smoked Turkey with Sweet Coffee Glaze not only uses brewed coffee in the brine but coffee is also incorporated in the basting glaze, Yum!

If you prefer a subtler coffee infusion, try this Clementine- Salted Turkey With Redeye Gravy from Epicurious. Brewed coffee along with turkey drippings are mixed with flour to create a wonderful caffeinated redeye gravy. Did we just discover a way to fight off that notorious turkey tryptophan!?

Are you looking for a coffee glaze and coffee gravy combo? We recommend this Coffee-Lacquered Sage Turkey With Redeye Gravy. This recipe is packed with unique ingredients that will boost flavor of any bird this Thanksgiving.

Roasted carrots are a classic side dish for Thanksgiving but have you ever tried roasting them over a bed of whole bean coffee? We hadn’t either until now, with this recipe for Carrots Slow Cooked Over Coffee Beans from The Splendid Table. This unique recipe lightly infuses the carrots with a mild coffee flavor that is also sweet and smoky. If you need whole bean coffee, head over to our online store to choose from a wide variety.

Whether your sweet potatoes are mashed, sliced, diced or spread throughout a casserole, sweet potatoes are a must side dish. Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple from Epicurious combines maple, bourbon, coffee and brown sugar to get a caramelized flavor like no other.

Or maybe you want to save sweet potatoes for dessert. This recipe for Coffee Roasted Sweet Potato Dessert Fries Drizzled with Dark Chocolate combines chocolate and coffee, making for a perfect, low-calorie dessert.

Speaking of dessert, at New England Coffee, we have all kinds of coffee varieties for anyone at your table this holiday. Maybe a little Pumpkin Spice coffee to go with your grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, a cup of Caramel Apple coffee for that classic, buttery apple pie, or a dark French Roast to add robust flavor to the mix of sweet treats. Whatever you’re serving, we have a coffee that will pair perfectly.

As we approach the long Thanksgiving weekend, at New England Coffee, we want to give thanks for all our extraordinary customers, like you! Please join us on Instagram this holiday weekend for a Thanksgiving sweepstakes. We want to see who you are thankful for. Post a photo of someone extraordinary in your life, tag New England Coffee and include the hashtag #YouAreExtraordinary. By doing so, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a New England Coffee gift basket for you and your extraordinary person. So take a photo, post to Instagram, include New England Coffee, and you could win! Click here for official rules.



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