Coffee Inspired Burger Recipes For This 4th of July

The fourth of July is around the corner and it’s time to prepare your grocery list for the perfect cookout.  If you are planning on grilling this holiday, you can’t forget the burgers, because what’s a cookout without burgers? We could be biased but here at New England Coffee, but we also think a complete cookout includes coffee! With burgers and coffee on our minds, we found some great, unique recipes that combine the two (how perfect!). Check out some of the recipe links below to wow your guests this holiday weekend.

This Coffee Rubbed Cheeseburger recipe is a twist on a classic American favorite. See how this recipe takes your standard cheeseburger and bumps it up a notch.

Most people would agree coffee and chocolate were made for each other, so why not add them to a burger? This Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Hamburger recipe calls for finely ground espresso. We recommend using our custom ground – fine Espresso Especiale.

For all you soda lovers, this recipe will sure to excite. The Coffee Rubbed Burger with Dr. Pepper Sauce combines a flavorful coffee rub with a sweet and savory soda based sauce. Add a pretzel bun and viola.

For all the turkey burger fans, this Turkey and Chorizo Burger with Coffee Chocolate Mole Sauce hits it out of the park. Plenty of unique flavors marry well in the combination of sweet and savory ingredients.

Where schnitzel meets burger – this Coffee Rubbed Veal Burger recipe uses simple spices already found in your pantry, and with only a few simple steps, this unique burger is packed with flavor.

Bacon and blue cheese is always a crowd pleaser. With the addition of your favorite New England Coffee, the Coffee Rubbed Blue Cheese Bacon Burger has the works.

Salty and sweet – this recipe calls for freshly brewed coffee versus coffee grounds. Instead of creating a coffee rub, the Salted Mocha Burger recipe marinates the burger in coffee before hitting the grill. We recommend using our Colombian Supremo Dark Roast or French Roast coffees for this recipe.

Now that you have some fun and festive burger ideas, fire up the grill (and the coffee) for a fourth of July cookout to remember!







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