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Consistency and reliability have made us the coffee roaster of choice for some of the industry’s most recognized coffee-focused restaurants and cafes. We source the finest coffee and ensure the highest quality standards are in place for all of your branded or private label coffee needs.


When it comes to C-Stores, great coffee is a must. New England Coffee works with hundreds of local, regional and national convenience store brands—providing premium coffee, reliable equipment, and branded point-of-sale merchandising systems to keep your profits flowing.


Over the decades, we’ve built New England Coffee into a national best-selling brand. And we know what it takes to do the same for you—whether it’s small-batch roasting for early-stage product launch, large runs across multiple locations on a year round basis, or purchasing green bean coffee for you on a long-term basis.

Work with our Expert Q-Grade Cuppers and Master Roasters to custom blend a roast that perfectly fits your brand and customers’ tastes. Our automated and hand-packed production lines supply whole bean, ground, and flavored coffee in fractional packages or bulk formats.


From colleges to nursing homes to convention centers, coffee programs are essential to any menu offering. That’s why we partner with most major contract feeders in New England and beyond—offering both supply chain assurance and unparalleled coffee expertise, as well as a broad range of quality products for every foodservice segment.

Office Coffee Service
Enjoy the versatility and ease-of-use designed into every case and pack size. New England Coffee can help you build an office coffee program to fit any need, from single-cup brewing to catering in-house meetings and events.

New England Coffee will help you build a coffee program for any off-premise venue. We work with schools, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, resorts, and recreational facilities for complete hot and iced beverage programs.

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