Looking to practice your barista skills without needing all the fancy equipment? You can get pretty close to making a cappuccino right at home...

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Maple Almond Cream Ice Cubes

If you’re looking for extra flavor in your coffee, try our simple Maple Almond Cream Ice Cubes recipe to keep your coffee perfectly chilled...

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Iced Coffee with Pumpkin Cold Foam

Here in New England we love our iced coffee, and many of us drink it all year round! If you’re looking to get into...

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‘Pumpin’ Spice’ Protein Shake

Looking to spice up your fitness routine? We’ve got the solution. Our easy Pumpin’ Spice Protein Shake recipe ‘containz the gainz!’ Simply combine the...

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Coffee Mojito Mocktail

You’ve probably heard of a mojito but have you ever tried a coffee mojito?! This easy iced coffee recipe is perfect for someone who...

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Frozen Mocha Coffee

What is a Frozen Mocha? Well, it’s just like an Iced Mocha but instead of being served over ice, it's blended with ice so...

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Shaken Iced Coffee

This popular Italian coffee drink is traditionally made with espresso but in our version we use Cold Brew or chilled brewed coffee. Shaking the...

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you’ve never had Vietnamese iced coffee you are in for a treat! Traditionally Vietnamese Iced Coffee is made using dark roast coffee and...

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Mocha Malt Shoppe Coffee Rubbed Steak

Try something tasty for dinner, this coffee and cocoa rubbed steak recipe is a great alternative use for your coffee grounds!

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Iced Coffee Slush

A coffee twist to a childhood favorite summer treat!

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Healthified Mocha Freeze

Fewer the calories with the same Jolt-o-Joe!

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Cappuccino Granita

An Italian frozen dessert with coffee and cocoa flavor.

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