Blizzard Bold

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An intensely rich coffee blend perfect for cold, stormy New England winter days. This blend truly lives up to its dark and stormy reputation. Made from a unique arrangement of Central American beans, artfully combined after the roasting process for a dark, aromatic flavor.

Available for a limited time only or while supplies last!

Dark Roast

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Customer Reviews

13 reviews for Blizzard Bold

  1. Helen

    I loved this dark roast!! It was not bitter at all and compared to some of my other more expensive dark roast favorites. I wish it was available all year round.

  2. Michelle St. Lawrence

    I thought that I only liked Espresso coffee- I just really like that dark, strong taste. But I happened to pick up Blizzard Bold on sale at the grocery store and FELL IN LOVE with this rich, smooth, DARK coffee.

    Please make it available year round (or suggest something similar)!

  3. Ambra

    Awesome coffee look forward to it every year

  4. Sally

    Wonderful coffee. Wish it were available all year. I bought enough last spring to last through August, but then I ran out.

  5. Maria A Pliakos (verified owner)

    amazing coffee__ I only bought 12 bags and now I have doubts of making it til January when you offer it again. please make this year round just simply amazing. Never found another coffee that taste like it.

  6. Tammy

    I have never left a review for coffee before. I love this one so much, it makes me so happy in the morning. Wish it was available all year-round!

  7. Linda Abbott

    Love the Blizzard Its awesome great strong flavor. Need it all year.

  8. Stacey Davis

    I love this!!! I live in Texas so I can’t just run to a local grocery store and stock up on it, especially if it’s on sale. I think you should keep it around more than just a few winter months.

  9. Alannah Richards

    My partner sent me this coffee (being a huge coffeeholic based in Scotland), and I adored it!!! Good rich, strong brew, and the aroma just delightfully pulls you in before that first delightful sip. Wonderful stuff, and I loved the wee plastic clasp to keep it fresh in the bag!

  10. Donna Hahn

    Best coffee ever! Please make this available year round!

  11. Lori Keithan (verified owner)

    When will Blizzard Bold be available again? It is so good!!! I miss it!! Please bring it back for the season!!!

  12. Christopher (verified owner)

    I love this coffee! Each year I buy at least 10 bags so it will last long after they sell out. Please make it available year round.

  13. Robert

    I LOVE this coffee!! Bold, beautiful, and comforting – it’s just what’s needed during a Colorado blizzard and then during the bright breakfast sunshine the next day. Thank you!!

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