Creating premium coffee from Arabica beans is an art that requires great skill, dedication, and passion.

New England Coffee’s roasters have developed and refined their roasting process to guarantee we always serve premium coffee with distinct smoothness and characteristic taste. Each variety of bean requires a different roast time and our experienced roasters use smell and sight to determine when the desired roast has been achieved. Our roasting process is a tradition that New England Coffee roasters have used since 1916.

In the journey from field to cup, no step in coffee production is more important than roasting. During this step, a given coffee can achieve its highest expression or end up tasting thin or bitter or burnt. For this reason, New England Coffee takes great care with every batch. As with every other stage of coffee-making, there’s no substitute for experience. That’s why each aspiring roaster is trained, step-by-step, in an apprenticeship that can last for years. In the end, he or she can tell the many subtle differences between almost right, and absolutely right.


Roasting Spectrum

Light Roast

Light brown in color, this is the mildest roast, and favored by consumers in the U.S.

Medium Light Roast

With a chestnut brown bean color, the roasted beans maintain a non-oily surface.

Medium Roast

When roasted to this degree the full flavor present in the beans emerges.

Medium Dark Roast

A medium dark roast brings out the natural oils in the beans producing a richer coffee flavor.

Dark Roast

Dark roast pulls much of the natural oils out of these darkest colored beans for a full-bodied coffee that has low acidity and a dominating bittersweet flavor.

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