Blackberry Bourbon

(6 customer reviews)

Flavors of smooth amber bourbon with sweet ripe blackberries.

*does not contain alcohol

Available for a limited time or while supplies last! 

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Blackberry Bourbon

  1. Keith Loverock (verified owner)

    Smooth blackberry (think a less intense raspberry) with a hint of almost a caramel flavor from the bourbon side of the profile. It is absolutely delicious and makes the apartment smell of the blackberry notes. Overall a welcome surprise and hopefully a regular addition to the rotation.

  2. Tanya Russell (verified owner)

    This coffee is yummy! Starting from the time it brews and the aroma generated lasting to the last sip. You can taste the blackberry. It’s extremely smooth and delectable. Spring/Summer is on the way!

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    Blackberry bourbon quickly became my husband’s favorite, and my 2nd favorite, behind peanut butter banana milkshake. We are crossing our fingers for Blackberry bourbon to stay in rotation with the other limited flavors.

  4. Bachi

    This is a great flavor coffee. Was surprised at how good it tasted.

  5. d1984merryman (verified owner)

    Love love this one!! Blackberry bourbon!! Our new favorite!! Please please bring it back!! I’m so sad to see it out of stock!! ??. I was going to order 5 bags!!

  6. Laura

    Smells great. Found it very fruit forward. While it’s delicious, I would have preferred to taste more of the “bourbon”, oak, vanilla notes.

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