Bold Decision™

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Captain Griswold Bold Decision™  has hints of cocoa and caramelized sugar.


Capt. Griswold helped turn America’s tastes from tea to coffee during the Boston Tea Party in 1773. New England Coffee continues that passion with our line of perfectly dark-roasted coffees that are always full-bodied, bold, and flavorful.


Dark Roast


Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Bold Decision™

  1. John Kaufman

    Rich, full bodied and great tasting, this coffee is one of those that gets my day off to a positive start.

  2. Lori

    This really is a great coffee. A large bag would be perfect as we go thru about 12 scoops a day. Sadly I will have to look for a more cost efficient and larger bag. But I do love this coffee.

  3. Judy C.

    This is the best coffee! I wish you put it in larger bags

  4. PaulaPo

    Delicious dark & complex. Surprised to find this quality at the local commercial grocery chain. Tastes like a special coffee roast and no nervous after effect.

  5. Wayne B

    Roasted cacao and hints of a dark, malty porter make this very bold yet very smooth coffee both singular and versatile.

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