Caramel Apple

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A delicious combination of ripe orchard apples dipped in smooth, creamy caramel. Loaded with an intense butter note and rich taste, this treat is the ultimate temptation.

Available for a limited time!

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

23 reviews for Caramel Apple

  1. klyn610 (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite NE Coffee flavor – can’t wait every fall for it to come out. Please bring back the k-cups!!!

  2. Carol Kinney

    Our family’s favorite coffee! We look forward to when it comes out every September and stock up to last through the winter. Hope supply allows it to come back soon and maybe year round.

  3. Patrick Sullivan

    Caramel Apple… Loved this. It would be my regular coffee if it was available year round.

  4. Joyce Ciberey

    This is my new favorite coffee flavor and had I known I wouldn’t be able to get it now I would have stocked up…..bring it back PLEASE! This should definitely be available all winter!

  5. Vanessa Cranford (verified owner)

    Y’all this is simply the best coffee. The flavor is so enticing and warm! I am hooked!

  6. Tommy Bodnar

    This is my favorite coffee no matter how much I bought I never had enough to last the year. But, a couple years ago my daughter bought me four or five bags for Christmas, and I just ran out three months ago. Excellent, most excellent coffee. There are not that many “things” that I really like, but this is one

  7. Sylvia Foley (verified owner)

    The most delicious coffee!
    I’ll be stocking up when this flavor becomes available.

  8. Amanda

    This is the best ground coffee flavor I’ve ever had and I’d love it to be made available year round for purchase.

  9. Peter C,

    If there was only one coffee left in the world we pray this would be the one. Perfection!!

  10. D. Almond

    Been on the Hunt for Caramel Apple since day 1. The most beautiful blend that tastefully soothes the soul, year round please!

  11. Debra


    PLEASE make Caramel Apple (ground) coffee year round!????

  12. Joey C

    Wow it’s delicious. I’m using the kcups for the machine.

    Does it have added sweetener sugar? Making sure because I’m a diabetic.

  13. Cynthia Francis

    You should sell this all year round. I brought it to Florida and had it as ice coffee unbelievable! I have stocked up and you should really consider it for a summer coffee iced.

  14. joshualweimer (verified owner)

    I prefer whole bean and don’t typically like flavored coffee, but this stuff is amazing and one of my all time favorites.

  15. Pat

    Very nice flavor. Caramel is strong and apple is not overpowering. Good for fall. Recommend!

  16. Jean Cobb

    I love this coffee. I wish it was available year round. I only got one box of the k-cups and now I can’t find it anywhere. Please make it available year round

  17. Betty Rose (verified owner)

    A great taste for the fall.

  18. Tewania Canterberry

    This is my most favorite coffee ever !!! I love that the kcups are so easy to use and make the Best Coffee ever. Please make these available year round ?

  19. Kidsalot

    when making a pot of coffee, i love mixing one scoop of this with 3 scoops of the Morning Blend, adds just enough flavor to make a good cup of coffee.

  20. Kim Dresser

    LOVVVVVVVE IT. Make it available year round, Please !!!!

  21. Amieggo (verified owner)

    This is the most delicious coffee in the entire universe! Coming from a real coffee addict, that says a real lot!! New England Coffee, pleasssseee consider making this product available year-round— I don’t feel that this flavor is necessarily only a holiday time product and I would buy tons of it all year through !!!

  22. Sue Olsen

    Really enjoy Caramel Coffee and wish it was available year round

  23. S. Olsen

    I love this flavor and wish it was available year round in the ground bagsS

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