Coconut Almond Candy Bar

(6 customer reviews)

A mix of smooth chocolate combined with sweet coconut and almond.


Medium Roast

From: $10.00

Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Coconut Almond Candy Bar

  1. Gail Wilson

    Like an Almond Joy for breakfast!!! Love this!

  2. libertylife

    oOmG waiting for the Amaretto to be brought back….but this one will be a super treat while I wait DELICIOUS

  3. rplarpa (verified owner)

    So good! May be my all time favorite!!

  4. crigano (verified owner)

    Love this coffee!

  5. Danielle Rymer (verified owner)

    Particularly good over ice!

  6. Christie

    My son sent me this coffee! Oh my goodness it’s the best, so smooth and wonderful tasting! I will be ordering soon!

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