Colombian Supremo Single Serve

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We use Colombia’s top-grade extra large Arabica beans for our Colombian Supremo coffee. Its intense flavor and rich aroma make it the world’s best-selling origin and one of New England Coffee’s most popular picks. The medium-roasted beans offer a distinct Colombian flavor, a characteristic the country is known for. Day or night, this coffee remains a consistent favorite and will not disappoint.

Available in 12 and 32 Single Serve Cups Per Box.

Medium Roast

From: $8.99

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Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Colombian Supremo Single Serve

  1. Judy hanna

    Just love theHazelnut crème decaffeinated med roasts

  2. Duke

    I’m a pure Columbian coffee drinker, this is one of the best, if not the best I’ve ever tasted.

  3. Kimberleigh

    This coffee is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I used to be a Dunkin Donuts drinker both from the shop and buying their coffee for home., but once I had this Colombian Supremo I was over the moon. It’s perfect…the aroma, the full bodied flavor, the strength. There are not many places that sell it in north central Florida, but my Publix did until recently. I was in a state of panic thinking it was discontinued and so I am very grateful it is still being offered. If I am truly unable to get it locally I will be a loyal customer here and bypass Keurig and Amazon. Thank you for THE BEST coffee ever!!! (pls know, I am not normally over the top about products but this is my coffee y’all…this is serious business and it sincerely is that good, every time, cup after cup)


    Robust, full of flavor on the 12oz setting, and the pods are .40oz of coffee instead of the usual .33oz, good value in the 48 pod size box. Found this at BB&B locally.

    Love this coffee, especially works great in my Cuisinart brewer.

  5. Rick Pardo

    Up on the Cape for the summer from Florida. Been having daily fresh brew of this blend from Beyond Bagels in West Yarmouth. Will be ordering K cups when I get back to Delray Beach later this week.

  6. Mauri (verified owner)

    This was not one of my favorites only because it is a little more robust than I actually wanted for a medium roast. However, it was not bitter and I did make it on the smallest single brew setting (6oz) so perhaps a larger brew size would be better. Also I only use two tablespoons of half & half in my coffee. So for those who like a strong full bodied cup of coffee that isn’t bitter –you’ll love this.

  7. Paula (verified owner)

    My All-Time favorite!!

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