EggNog Single Serve

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A taste to be shared during the holiday season! A rich and creamy blend of Eggnog flavor is added to our gourmet South and Central American coffee beans and then is topped with a hint of nutmeg flavor. With the smooth Eggnog taste, this selection is sure to warm your heart on a cold winter’s morning. Reminisce about holiday traditions during all of your holiday gatherings with a warm cup of Eggnog.

Medium Roast

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Customer Reviews

34 reviews for EggNog Single Serve

  1. mirafrase (verified owner)

    I will definitely be buying this again as soon as it comes back around for the holidays. 5 stars and 10/10 will buy again.

  2. Tracy Dobosz (verified owner)

    New England Coffee is the best, their Eggnog has always been my favorite! Thanks for bringing it back in kcups!

  3. Sarah Scott

    Wish the eggnog was easier to find in the stores. And year round would be a bonus. It’s soooooo good.

  4. Fran K.

    You need to carry this flavor year round…excellent!

  5. Carolyn

    Please bring it back this season!

  6. Barbara Hubbard

    Absolutely love this coffee!! Wish I could have found it this year!!

  7. Ernie Tetreault

    I see that one lady here commented that she wished New England Coffee brought back their Spicy Eggnog Coffee. But that was a Green Mountain Coffee flavor for about 20 years. I too was addicted to that one. They discontinued that one and their outstanding Gingerbread coffee too about 3 years ago. Still, even though Green Mountain holiday coffees were my preferred ones, I always purchased the New England holiday flavors as well, mainly because I could find them earlier at Hannaford supermarkets before the other brands had theirs in the stores.
    Being a person who loves New England coffees I’ve noticed that when November arrives, the first thing I do is start thinking of New England Eggnog coffee. And now the Peppermint Bark. The Mocha Mint was awesome too but appears to be discontinued for the past few years. This year because I wanted the bagged Eggnog coffee early I had to purchase it through Keurig and got my first 6 bags of it. Imagine my surprise finding it there and not available or “out of stock” -from New England Coffee itself who produces it. As a result, I had to pay $1.00 more per bag. This was the first week of November. I just purchased 6 more bags through New England Coffee online a few days ago.
    My point; New England Coffee is my coffee of choice, but please get it into the stores much quicker. Hannaford doesn’t even get it anymore until mid December or the last week before Christmas. They also only charge $5.00 a bag. I buy 10 more bags from them and give a few as gifts for people and I dont have to pay for getting them shipped to me. I usually buy 25 bags of this per season and they last from November to April. I’m obviously a fan of New England Coffees.
    Also: to get he lady who misses the Spicy Eggnog formerly from your competitor, I would like to offer that a few drops of Rum Extract in the cup of New England Eggnog will give her that same aroma and taste she was used to with a he Green Mountain one.
    I love you New England Coffee! You are the best!!!!

  8. Marcia Keith (verified owner)

    This is the best seasonal tasting coffee! I add a splash of egg nog instead of milk/creamer and it is divine!

  9. Sheila

    Anyone know if this is gluten free?

    • Haley Rosenthal

      Hi Sheila,
      All of our coffee is gluten free.
      Thank you!

  10. Carolyn

    Please bring back the eggnog kcups

  11. Deborah Green

    I love your eggnog coffee. Please bring it back. I could drink this everyday year round. Please!!!

  12. Debbi Taylor

    Please bring back eggnog k cups!! There is a demand!!!

  13. Shannon Dennison

    Please please please bring back the Eggnog single serve cups.

  14. PETA Terriff

    Please please please bring back the Eggnog single serve cups.

  15. Tracy T

    Please bring back the eggnog k cups!

  16. Pam Muehling


  17. Teresa

    Please bring them back they are the best!!!

  18. Ashley J

    Eggnog K-Cups are a MUST have for the holiday season. Last year I got the bag since there were no K-Cups. But it just wasn’t the same, the k-cups are were it’s at they have the best flavor. PLEASE bring the eggnog k-cup pods back this year.

  19. Sheila Nelson

    I’ve never tried your coffee but based on reviews, I too say “bring back the egg not coffee pods!” 🙂

  20. Jackie

    bring it back!!!! bring egg nog coffee pods back we all love it

  21. Vanessa Jones

    Please bring back Eggnog coffee

  22. Mike

    PLEASE bring back the Spicy Eggnog kcups!!!

  23. Ellen

    PLEASE bring back the Spicy Eggnog kcups!!!

  24. Kelly

    Please bring back the Eggnog coffee K-cups. It is the best tasting eggnog coffee available. Thank you!!!

  25. Rebecca Kinsey

    I have been waiting all year to be able to get this! I have been looking everywhere for it so I could buy enough for the year! Now, I have learned it’s been discontinued! NO!! Please bring it back!

  26. Joann Lockrow

    Please please please bring this back!!!!

  27. Gina

    Looks like another year without egg nog coffee! It’s our favorite. Please bring it back! If you do send me a message I’ll buy four boxes!

  28. Carolyn

    Please bring back the eggnog flavored k-cups

  29. Paula Colvin

    Will you ever bring back the Spicy Eggnog Coffee in K Cups? I loved that coffee and Frank it all year around. I really miss not having it. Please let me know if you bring it back. Thank you!

  30. Frank Cina Jr

    I love their egg nog coffee

  31. William Whitman

    Egg Nog is one of New England’s best.To bad they couldn’t meet the demand for the Holidays in the single serve department .I drink nothing but New Enland.Got 4 bags to brew at home But it does not help me at work.

  32. Jacquelyn Talley

    I am so sorry this is out of stock!!! I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond; but when I went back for another box, it was gone. I ordered a competitor’s version, which wasn’t quite as good; but they have discontinued the flavor. HELP!

  33. Carol

    Love the smooth taste a and wonderful smell first thing in the morning.

  34. Meshal Welsh

    Never liked flavored coffee but it is excellent. Wish you had more!

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