Irish Crème

(17 customer reviews)

A spirited blend of our signature coffee with just a nip o’ flavor of Irish whiskey and smooth fresh cream.

Available for a limited time only and while supplies last!

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Customer Reviews

17 reviews for Irish Crème

  1. Alicia

    Where is the Irish Crème ? If. You can’t sell it in stores then please offer it online!!! ??

  2. Tracy

    I love your Irish Cream, I really wish it came in single serve

  3. Bruce Libby (verified owner)

    Even though the New England Irish Creme is the best company that makes this flavor, i only give it 2 stars. Not for its coffee, but the lack of selling this flavor year round.
    I inquired why it is no longer sold in stores year round and was told several times, it has never been sold in stores year yound and can only be purchased online in March.
    Hell, i’ve always bought it in supermarkets in Maine for years and i know people who also bought it in large stores.
    Maybe the company changed hands a few years ago but i stand by it, they did carry it in stores. Still the best, i stopped buying other brands as they are very weak in flavor.

  4. Greg

    When can I but Irish cream and combo

  5. Deborah Pierce

    When will irish cream be in stock, i really love that coffee.

  6. Deborah Pierce

    I love irish cream coffee, please let me know when you have more in stock.

  7. hcclopper (verified owner)

    Looking to purchase — has awesome flavor by itself and also blended with chocolate cappuccino. Want to place order, when will you have back in stock?

  8. Don Locke (verified owner)

    As I have written before I hope you will make Irish Creme a regular offering instead of seasonal. I have used up my last order and now must wait until next seasonal time. Others flavors will substitute, but not as exceptional as Irish Creme. When will it be available again?

  9. Christine Allen

    Spring awakening coming soon?

  10. Trisha

    This delightful minty taste is great and so smooth. This is my favorite flavor as always!!!

  11. Denise

    I purchased several flavors over the past 6 months and bought several k-cup inserts from a local store. Nothing stops me from your delicious coffee. I will order the Irish Cream today. Looking forward to you restocking Cinnamon Churro, Strawberry Cream and Caramel Macchiato as well.

  12. Don (verified owner)

    Irish Creme is one of your best blends. Should be regular, not seasonal. When will it be available again?

  13. Michelle Roose

    This is AMAZING! Please offer in K-cups!!

  14. Chris

    I loved the Irish cream coffee one of my favorite seasonal flavors. Should offer in k cups

  15. Valerie

    One of your best flavors! Please offer it in k-cups soon.

  16. Tracey

    This is one of my favorites. I wish it did come in the k-cups as well.

  17. Nichole

    awesome flavor as always in their products

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