Marshmallow Magic

(8 customer reviews)

Crunchy sweet marshmallow flavor that’s magical and delicious

Available for a limited time or while supplies last! 

Medium Roast

From: $10.00

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Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Marshmallow Magic

  1. B. Kaplan

    Cannot taste the marshmallow at all. Just taste strong coffee. I have to fix it by adding brown sugar to make it drinkable. It does not make it marshmallowy but it does make it drinkable so I do not need to throw it away.
    I bought from this company as I am trying to support smaller companies than the big named brand, but really get the big named brand for marshmallow flavor.

  2. jim.stephen (verified owner)

    Not bad by itself, but truly amazing when mixed with the Chocolate Cappuccino flavor.

  3. Kelli

    Very good flavor and roast. Hint of marshmallow not overpowering

  4. BETH (verified owner)

    Best cup of flavored coffee I’ve ever had!

  5. Beverly A Frautten

    I had this at a little restaurant I. Reading, Ma called Christopher’s. It was so good, I loved it. I’ve been looking for it ever sense. Why on earth wouldn’t it be available, it was a flavor that I would definitely buy on a regular basis. Cl.e on New England Coffee, get with the program, make This flavor, Magical Marshmallow, available. I Loved it.

  6. Mel

    Delicious! Bring back please!

  7. Val

    Delicious. Well the smell and initial taste are strongly Lucky charms the taste is not overwhelming. Nice for the novelty

  8. Bachi

    Surprising a very nice flavored coffee.

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