Vermont Maple Walnut

(19 customer reviews)

Tap into the sweet, nutty flavor of harvested maple syrup and toasted walnuts.

Available for a limited time only and while supplies last!

Medium Roast


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

19 reviews for Vermont Maple Walnut

  1. Rhonda

    I found this coffee at a Pilot Ranger in October of 2015 and have not stop talking about it since. Please make it available as I bought it in IL and I live in OH. I love coffee flavor!

  2. Natasha

    My favorite coffee ever! Even over ice! Yum! I am on the hunt for it and hope to have it return for easy purchase!

  3. Gregory Foster

    This flavor was simply perfect. I resent that it is a limited edition and is now out of stock. In its absence, I suffer. I am actually considering a switch to tea. Tea! What have you done, New England Coffee?

  4. cj (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite coffee flavor. Should keep it year round!

  5. Penny Smith

    This. Is the best coffee ever! I had it at the Guilty Plate in Colchester. Penny

  6. Penny Smith

    The is the best coffee I have ever had!!!

  7. Corrine Sullivan (verified owner)

    Vermont Maple Walnut, Yum!!! Great way to wake up in the morning with a big mug of Vermont Maple Walnut. One sip and you can’t put it down. Please bring it back soon! My Fav?

  8. Sam

    Very sad it’s out of stock e every time I’ve gone to buy this product . Best coffee I’ve ever had

  9. Aleesha Penna

    This is my favorite of all time and I miss it so much. Please bring it back!

  10. paul thurlow

    my wife always likes to try new flavors of coffee,when we came across your wonderful Vermont Maple Walnut she fell in love.We have watched online forever without any luck.Please tell me you are going to make more and email me so I can please one of your biggest fans. Thankyou

  11. Allyssa

    I love this coffee, and very sad that I can only find it by the cup at a local gas station here in VT. Please put this back in stock, would love to brew it at home and give it out to friends and family.

  12. Ames

    This is the flavor of the month in February At my local shop! FEBRUARY!!! shortest month of the year for the best flavor! Unacceptable, even thought it’s a leap year I still want this on a 31 day month!

  13. Sara (verified owner)

    Vermont Maple walnut coffee- my favorite taste! Please bring it back and permanently ??

  14. Travis

    Seriously the best coffee I’ve ever had, yet can’t figure out why its so hard to find this specific flavor. PLEASE, make it available year round!

  15. Lois Lemaire

    Another one of my favorites. Please bring back soon.

  16. Danielle Morrison

    The best coffee ever! I never seem to catch it when it’s in stock! Haven’t had this in two years and always search for it. Would love for this be available every fall!

  17. Wendy Dunleavy (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite flavor. I wish it was available all the time! I check back constantly to see if it’s back in stock then buy in bulk when I find it! Please make it a regular flavor! Tastes just like the ice cream. LOVE

  18. Allyssa

    I really hope to buy some of this soon. I am only able to find by the cup in one store in Vermont. This coffee is so good!

  19. Matt

    My boyfriend could not stop RAVING about it after we tried it for the first time at The Little Rooster Café in Manchester, VT. Now I think he likes the coffee more than me!

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