White Chocolate Chip

(5 customer reviews)

Smooth, rich flavor of white chocolate.

Available for a limited time only!

Medium Roast


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Customer Reviews

5 reviews for White Chocolate Chip

  1. JO JO

    OMG the BEST its like cookies and milk in the same cup I had it Iced so good Please where can I find this????

    • New England Coffee

      Hi Jo Jo, We are so glad to hear you enjoy our White Chocolate Chip flavored Coffee. This flavor is a seasonal item available in January-March. We have new flavors all the time, so please check back and you may find a new favorite.

  2. Don Locke

    This is one of your best. Second only to hazelnut creme. Wish you had it available more often than Jan – March. Any chance? Nothing else comes close.

  3. Desiree Anderson

    This is the most amazing coffee I have ever had. From working in coffee shops for years I have been exposed to every kind of coffee and flavors you can think of but I have never came across anything better tasting. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that this flavor us extremely hard to find in stock, even on the website.

  4. Ashley M.

    I love this coffee and have been looking for it everywhere. Please make it more available!

  5. P Cody

    This coffee is the best….Where can I purchase it?

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