Butter Pecan

(25 customer reviews)


Rich, buttery flavor of sweet candied pecans.

Medium Roast

From: $10.00

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Customer Reviews

25 reviews for Butter Pecan

  1. Buddy

    My wife loves pecan flavored coffees and this is the best we’ve found! It tastes like a slice of pecan pie!!! DELICIOUS!!!

  2. Kathy Carpenter

    I absolutely LOVE the Butter Pecan coffee and am so disappointed that I cannot find it anywhere. Please don’t discontinue this flavor.

  3. Judy

    I loved this flavor and am so disappointed it is no longer available at my local markets.

  4. Sue S

    Fell in love with this flavored coffee, went back to supermarket to buy more & disappointed to find it not there. ?

  5. Kerry Smithers

    Can you please keep this avail always. Its the absolute best tasting coffee ever. They have have this avail in Dunkin donuts for a few months and this butter pecan tastes as good or even better cause I can make it at home. Why is it for a limited time????

  6. Gayle loyola

    Wonderful coffee…wish I could find it in the market.

  7. Alice M

    This is the yummiest and smoothest coffee ever!! Please keep this flavor available year round. The more people that try it the more people will LOVE it!!

  8. Elisea Norton

    Love this coffee! Please make it permanent!!!!??????????

  9. Elisea Norton

    Love this coffee! PLEASE make this a PERMANENT selection!!!!!???????????

  10. Dan Blue

    Our favorite coffee, but it’s only available in our area seasonally. We stock up but, alas, it never lasts.

  11. Dan

    Our favorite coffee, but it’s only available in our area seasonally. We stock up but, alas, it never lasts.

  12. Joan A Poppeck

    this coffee is wonderful have a hard time getting it in the stores when I go they are completely sold out.

  13. betti.hale65 (verified owner)

    I would love to see this coffee available all the times! I now mix it with the columbian coffee just to stretch it out!

  14. mur18c.ashley

    This coffee is absolutely delicious! I bought some that was on sale at a local supermarket out of curiosity and got a fantastic surprise. I was not expecting it believe me. Most coffees I have drank never taste like the flavor they have described themselves to be on their labels. This coffee is different! I will never drink or buy any other coffee.

  15. Kathy

    This was fabulous! Found it at Super Fresh in Philly on sale. There was one bag left and I am so happy we got it. It is so smooth, so rich and flavorful. I wish I could find it at my local store. I’ll have to order it online here!

  16. gilvoice (verified owner)

    I have been drinking this Butter Pecan for more than 6 months now, and can not imagine going back to my old brand. Coffee is GREAT and the shipping is fast and on time every time.—————-Did I mention the Coffee taste Great. 🙂

  17. Vivian Wilson (verified owner)

    This is the best pecan flavored coffee ever. I even got my Brother n law and his wife hooked on it now,

  18. kingqueen237 (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!!!!! The flavor is incredibly rich and smooth. I hope you all make this coffee a permanent flavor, not just seasonal. ????????????
    Thank you so much ?

  19. Anthony

    All-time absolute favorite coffee. Please make a big container of it like the big Folgers ones!!

  20. vic rogers

    the best of the best

  21. Celeste B

    This is my ultimate favorite flavored coffee, it’s got a great flavor with or without creamer. If you use creamer I suggest the southern butter pecan flavor creamer, whole new level of yum.

  22. Maryellen Mitchell

    Love love the butter pecan and have not been able to find it anywhere nearby or my regular stores! Please keep this very delicious flavor!!

    • Haley Rosenthal

      Hi Maryellen,
      You can use the “Select Specific Products” feature on our store locator to find the store closest to you that carries this flavor. https://www.newenglandcoffee.com/where-to-buy/
      Thanks for counting on every cup!

  23. Patti

    We LOVE this flavor coffee—it’s our favorite, but like others above can’t find it in my usual market. I thought it may be a seasonal product but have not seen it yet.
    Please don’t discontinue this and please bring it back to grocery stores!

  24. Steve Ewing

    I truly enjoy the Butter Pecan coffee. Wonderful Brew and tasting. Nice aroma in the house when enjoying it.

  25. Steve Ewing

    Greatest Butter Pecan coffee is NEWENGLANDCOFFEE…..
    Rich buttery taste, smooth and beautiful body & aroma. Brew this for anytime of the day.

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