Cinnamon Hazelnut

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Our Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee combines warm cinnamon and sweet, nutty hazelnut flavor with our signature blend of gourmet Arabica coffee beans. If you like creative flavor combinations, you’ll love this delightfully distinctive indulgence. The unparalleled quality of this coffee provides enjoyment any time of the year and any time of the day. Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee is a great wake-me-up on leisurely mornings and a delightful warm-me-up on cool evenings.


Medium Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

14 reviews for Cinnamon Hazelnut

  1. Calandra S.

    There was one bag left on the shelf. I’m a coffee snob but FOMO got he better of me. Bought, brewed, and mixed it with a gingerbread creamer. Sipped it and sighed. It was a delightful and perfect cup of java. Bravo NEC.

  2. Ginger Brown

    I love this blend and was so excited to try it. It was delicious! My only complaint is, no matter how many tablespoons I added it tasted weak (I do not drink it black but with cream & sugar). Maybe I am doing something wrong. However, it does keep the cinnamon hazelnut flavor. I too wish you offered in K-cup.

  3. Serena Lovett

    I have used this coffee for the last few year these. A while back I noticed a difference in the flavor but it was still enjoyable, not as good as it was, but still ok for my morning cup of coffee. The last two bags I bought are not drinkable. They don’t taste like hazelnut or cinnamon. I don’t know what’s up but they do not taste right. There is almost a berry flavor to them, the grounds don’t even smell good in the bag. I am highly disappointed as I used to love this coffee,now I have to find a new coffee to love.

  4. Cindy

    I love this flavor! I recently tried your coffee again and I was amazed at how great it is! I have even been drinking without cream! Will this one be in kcups??

    • Haley Rosenthal

      Hi Cindy,
      At the moment we do not have plans to release this flavor in k-cup pods. However, we’re always looking to add new flavors to our single serve options so we will keep your interest in Cinnamon Hazelnut in mind!

  5. Alex

    Two of my favorite coffee flavors together. Smooth, with a noticeable hazelnut flavor and subtle cinnamon flavor. I definitely recommend this coffee to anyone that enjoys these flavors or who may want to try flavored coffee.
    My only wish is that they sold this coffee in K-cups. The DIY K-cups don’t do this coffee justice.

  6. Patricia Langpaap (verified owner)

    Best coffee ever! We are so pleased with this hard to find whole bean flavored coffee.

  7. Ginny

    I absolutely love this coffee. I cold brew it in my Toddy. Served cold in the summer and hot in the winter, it works both ways. I would prefer to purchase it directly from New England Coffee at the same price it is sold on Amazon for.

  8. Donna L Nannini

    The best!

  9. Nora Gleadow

    I have loved this coffee for years; when my local Walmart is out, there is no other store within 15 miles that carries it; so the wait is long, but I always, always, drink this cinnamon hazelnut flavor over all the rest – delicious!!

  10. Susan M Kapur

    Love this coffee!!

  11. Kathleen

    Another black coffee drinker here and I absolutely love the flavor of this coffee. Please sell it in grocery stores in 5 pound bag ground. I currently have to order it online.


    This is my go-to every time coffee. The cinnamon pairs perfectly with the hazelnut. And it is delicious every single time! Best of the bunch!

  13. Tracey Riedstra (verified owner)

    I too drink my coffee black, and this has become our favorite. Smooth, and the cinnamon flavor isn’t too strong… which pairs perfectly with the hazelnut 🙂

  14. Nic

    I love this coffee. I am a die-hard black coffee drinker that loves bold coffee with rich deep flavor and typically not the flavored coffee beans but this blew me away. I did add a tiny bit of heavy cream to it but it was just wonderful. I’m an early bird but you know sometimes I have a hard time waking up, if I could wake up to THIS coffee every morning *psha* I don’t think I’d have a problem. *Does not taste burnt-fake(artifically flavored) or crappy. Enjoy 🙂

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