Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

(4 customer reviews)

Rich and aromatic with an intense flavor and smooth finish. 

Dark Roast

From: $10.25

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Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

  1. Celesia

    I hate to admit this, but our daughter bought a bag of this for us years ago. We use k-cups, but were going to a timeshare with a coffee pot. I thoughtlessly grabbed it. After several years sitting unopened in our top cabinet, this is the first coffee that hubby and I agree on. It’s fantastic… Even from a junk coffee pot. We’re ordering to see if we can skip the Keurig and the extra waste products and start using a pot on a regular basis.

  2. Janet

    So glad to find on line! Best of the lot – we compare all other brands/roasts to this! Kona competitor!

  3. C. Martina

    This is the very best of coffees. Dark, full flavor, it stands out from all the others, never disappoints.

  4. Robert Taylor

    This coffee is outstanding. I didn’t believe that a company that appears to specialize in flavored coffees would produce a great dark roast. I like it better than all of the name brand dark roasts that I find nearby. I found this coffee when I was visiting family in Florida. My second and third favorites are the Colimbian and Blueberry Cobbler.

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