Columbian Supremo

Colombian Supremo

5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

We use Colombia’s top-grade extra large Arabica beans for our Colombian Supremo coffee. Its intense flavor and rich aroma make it the world’s best-selling origin and one of New England Coffee’s most popular picks. The medium-roasted beans offer a distinct Colombian flavor, a characteristic the country is known for. Day or night, this coffee remains a consistent favorite and will not disappoint.

Medium Roast
From: $6.49

Customer Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is absolutely the best tasting coffee there is. I wouldn't buy anything else. It's delicious, every cup - just like you'd want coffee to be. -- It took me years of searching to find a coffee brand and blend to say that of. I tried everything. I tried grinding my own beans. I tried Starbucks. I did research all day online to find a delicious cup of coffee, and for years I failed to find one. Then one day I happened to buy an iced coffee at a donut shop called "Dippin Donuts". WOW! it tasted SO good I had to go back in and ask what brand of coffee they were using. "NEW ENGLAND COFFEE", she said. But exactly what blend, she didn't know. So I tried a few, and it's hands down the Columbian Supremo. This is the stuff! So - for me anyway - the thing is to be careful when you pick up your coffee at the store, because the Columbian and the "Breakfast Blend" both have a red label, and if you grab that breakfast blend by mistake, or thinking it should be about the same anyway..oh no, it's not! You want the Columbian Supremo. New England Coffee Columbian Supremo. THIS is the coffee that each and every morning I say "yum" when I sit down with it and greet the day. And my day goes much better when I don't have to start it out by going "yuck" at my breakfast!

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