New England EyeOpener Blend®

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An award-winning blend of rich Colombian and Central American beans with zesty French Roast. For a refreshing alternative, escape the daily grind and enjoy your next cup of EyeOpener coffee – iced!


Dark Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

10 reviews for New England EyeOpener Blend®

  1. Becca

    I LOVE coffee and while visiting our son in TN I bought a bag of NE Eye Opener. My husband is never vocal about coffee but the first cup of this he said “this is the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.” This is now the only coffee in my kitchen. The only downside is that I wish that I could buy it locally. FIVE Stars!!!!!

  2. lou

    superb – I was already mixing light and dark roasts for iced coffee – this is exactly what I was going for

  3. David

    Great coffee. I do custom grind for my percolator or whole bean. I found it in Maine but back home in Ma I only see drip grind in the stores. I may order online in the future. Recently went back to perking from single serve, way more versatility !!

  4. Loretta ODoherty

    Absolutely fabulous taste, found and purchased in Philadelphia in I think a Giant food store. STILL searching, All of your coffees are superb.

  5. Jennifer Sterns

    We own a coffee shop in which we serve New England Coffee. We have raving reviews from our customers and are now being asked if we can sell it by the bag. The EyeOpener Blend is absolutely amazing!

  6. C.Madigan

    I drink my coffee black . Other coffees have a heavy or overbearing taste,
    The New England Eye-Opener Blend is the best coffee for my taste. Thank you.

  7. connie johnson

    Absolutely the best flavor. Everyone I have shared a cup with has loved it. If you love a great coffee, New England Coffee is awesome, but this is the best favor. However, for health purposes I have had to switch to decaf and they don’t make this one in decaf. I sure miss it.

  8. Wendora

    I got a couple of bags of Eye Opener Blend at a really low cost from a discount table at my local Price Chopper. This was my first try of New England Coffee. I must say that I enjoyed it very much. When brewing a pot, half would be served hot and I would store the remaining coffee in the fridge in a Mason jar for an iced delight on the following day. Still delicious then. I would give this coffee five stars with no problem.

  9. Shawn

    Had this blend for the first time away for the weekend with friends. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! They bought it from Walmart. I’ve just come in from searching three Walmarts in Richmond, VA. – finally found it before the last store closed for the night.
    I need a coupon!

  10. Lisa Cox (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Eyeopener blend

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