Darkest Before Dawn™

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Captain Griswold Darkest Before Dawn™  has notes of soft molasses and dark chocolate raisins.


Capt. Griswold helped turn America’s tastes from tea to coffee during the Boston Tea Party in 1773. New England Coffee continues that passion with our line of perfectly dark-roasted coffees that are always full-bodied, bold, and flavorful.

Bold Roast


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Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Darkest Before Dawn™

  1. Robert Krok

    Outstanding and simply delicious. Incredibly smooth and wonderfully delicious. The molasses and raisins mesh so well together. I wonder can New England create a Stout or Porter? It would be marvelous.

  2. John Kaufman

    Darkest Before Dawn is both mellow and bold simultaneously. The rich flavors combine to make this a most satisfying coffee.

  3. Terri Riccio

    Our new favorite coffee! Our grocery store hasn’t been stocking it recently.

  4. Robert Reily

    I had preferred Major Dickason, but when I tried Darkest Before Dawn, I was sold. Over the past 20 years, my wife and I have tried many, many different dark roast brands and for us this is absolutely the best. Bold, smooth and consistent rich flavor.

  5. Fern Leibowitz

    Loved the colors of the bag and the name of the coffee. Once I saw the flavor notes, I tried it. I usually don’t like bold coffee but I’m hooked. I’ve gone through 3 bags of grounds (I make it hot or cold brew). I turned 4 people on to it. I look forward to having it. I do drink other flavors but this is my favorite. I could use decaf in the cups for my dad.

  6. Rob

    Strong, bold, and smooth! What a present cup of coffee to drink. One of my new favorites. I like coffee just not the bitterness that can be there, this blend is perfect. I, I Captain Griswold! Good on ya mate!

  7. Bill

    This is my new favorite Coffee! It’s delicious !it’s robust and strong and never bitter , Love this blend ! Good job Captain Griswald !

  8. John Kaufman

    Dark, rich yet never bitter. A great way to wake up in the morning.

  9. Luke

    This is a great dark roast. Bold but very smooth.
    Just bought a bag to give it a try. I’ve enjoyed new England coffee before but I’d never seen a dark roast on the shelf until now. saw a new bag named after Captain Griswold. So I threw it in the cart . Drinking a cup right now. Great on a cold Fall Morning ! Darkest Before Dawn is a good one. ?

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