New England Breakfast Blend®

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The finest beans from Africa, Central and South America in a hearty, medium-roasted wake-me-up blend.

Medium Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

46 reviews for New England Breakfast Blend®

  1. Ingrid Scheurwater

    Wonderful coffee without the bitterness of most brands!!
    I love the flavored ones too especially the hazelnut.

  2. Lorelei

    AMAZING flavor, rich, no bitter after taste. Truly great coffee down to the last drop. Used to buy Coffee shop coffee from the biggest coffee shop known to mankind. Will NEVER go there again, when the cup I make at home from your coffee is soooo Much better. Have tried every brand available at the store, on a search to replace that name brand coffee shop coffee. Yours is THE BEST. Thank you for a great product, and Best wishes for your continued success. My morning coffee would be at a loss without you!

  3. Janey Kortas

    Dear NEW ENGLAND COFFEE, You truly know how to produce an excellent tasting cup of coffee! I was vacationing in Vermont and the hotel coffee brand was NEW ENGLAND COFFEE. I looked your company up immediately on line because I was so impressed with the real rich coffee taste. At home I daily grind my coffee beans and make excellent coffee, but never in a hotel have I tasted coffee like I brew at home. I am ordering a pound of your NEW ENGLAND COFFEE beans today. Thank you for taking pride in your product as the taste tells you that you have maintained an excellent company.
    Many blessings and continued success.

  4. David

    The ONLY coffee I drink…. prefer Breakfast Blend!!!!!! Smooth and tasty!!!!

  5. Randy S Jerone (verified owner)


  6. Garry Guelda

    The store was out of my usual brand,so I seen this and decided to try it because I like almost everything made in the New England area. I was not disappointed!!This breakfast blend is so delicious without any bitterness or aftertaste.”TRY IT “,you’ll be back!!!

  7. Patricia Holmes

    OMG what is wrong with your coffee? It tastes like watered down not quite right no matter what I do, even double the usual amount and I had to buy a real cup of coffee on my way to work. Disappointed and I will never waste my money on this again. I want my money and my wasted time BACK. I doubt this review will actually see the light of day because all you actually post are the ones from people with no taste buds.

  8. Wanda Susanne Rittgers

    I received two bags of this fabulous coffee for a gift. Blueberry Cobbler, and French Vanilla. So good! Smooth and delicious. I’m ordering more for gifts for my friends. Thank you New England Coffee!

  9. Gerry Nichols (verified owner)

    My husband and I love this coffee and enjoy it every day

  10. Elaine R

    This coffee is really good! I ran out of my Folgers and I refuse to pay for one at the grocery store since I can get at Costco/Sams in an x-large quantity. I HAD to find something to drink in the grocery store and thought, let me take a chance and buy this. Best decision! It doesn’t have that harsh or bitter taste as some do. It’s smooth and delicious. My bag is gone now and I’m sad. I WILL be going back to the store and picking this up. It made mornings so enjoyable. I’m hooked!

  11. Laura

    This is my favorite coffee. So smooth, no bitterness, and the pods make the most perfect cup of coffee!!

  12. Tony Haney

    Fabulous, smooth taste! We mix it 80/20 with the Hazelnut Creme decaf, sweeten and add cream and it is amazing. It has been many times our dessert. I have tried alot of coffees but New England Coffee is the best. Our friends have discovered it too!

  13. Mary P.

    I was in the supermarket this weekend on my quest to find the perfect K-Cup coffee. Most were too weak and watery. This K-Cup tasted like fresh brewed coffee. AMAZING. I tired about 10 different brands this week. #1

  14. Barry

    I spent well over 6 months trying different coffees for my morning rituals. The conclusion (and my new favorite) is New England Coffee Breakfast Blend. The flavor is ideal and consistent, very smooth and totally pleasing in the morning. I highly recommend Breakfast Blend as a daily starter.

  15. cherishrn

    Tried it awhile ago at my relatives…loved it then but they passed away and I never got the name of the coffee. Decided last week to try NEC. Low and Behold, there it was…The BEST coffee I have ever had! I am now a member receiving delivery!

  16. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Finally found a coffe I enjoy. Wished it was in the stores in the Midwest.

  17. Leslie Kolowith

    Hooked on this coffee! Found it when in Florida and now order online. Have many local roasters in my city, but none compare. Consistently good and never bitter. Love, love, love!

  18. Gregory Wilkin

    I really enjoy coffee! The problem was I couldn’t find a coffee that tasted good on a consistent basis. I saw this coffee at Wal-Mart and took a chance. The New England Breakfast Blend tastes great on a consistent “cup to cup”
    basis. Their decaff Breakfast Blend tastes great too!!!

  19. Gordon

    New England Breakfast Blend is really good coffee.
    I have had many favorites in the past, but this is as good as any of them.

  20. blujan01 (verified owner)

    THE BEST coffee I’ve ever had! I won’t drink any other coffee. I go back east every once in awhile to visit family and drink Breakfast Blend while visiting. Since I’m from New Mexico I am very lucky I get to purchase my coffee online. A little taste of home in a cup!

  21. Chris Bibb

    I was in the store, and saw a bing that had 2 for 1 coffee. I saw different brands and then I saw New England coffee, tried and have now fallen in love with it. It tastes great. The best coffee I have ever tasted.

  22. Greg Pawlak

    For the first time, I picked up a bag of New England coffee “Blueberry Cobler”. A little milk and sugar, and oh my God this coffee tastes just like blueberry pancakes!! Instant fan right here.

  23. Sami (verified owner)

    Loveee this one! Its my favorite coffee to have! Sadly its getting harder to find in stores and I have to order a bunch online which can get annoying. Wish it was easier to find!

  24. Dominick Parisi

    Popular brand coffee’s miss by far the flavor of New England Breakfast Roast. Quality restaurants serve this type of coffee which I wasn’t able to find a duplicate until I tasted New England coffee. The flavor is rich but mild, not bitter. I’m not a coffee taster but this coffee has what I like; Flavor.

  25. ewade


  26. ewade

    looking for years & finally found the very best coffee out there

  27. Roxanne vanGelder

    Hi I just discovered your coffee a month ago and by far I love your coffees the best, better than any brand out there, roasted just right. love it especially the Vanilla, so yummy……………………..

  28. Ray Spell

    This is the best tasting coffee. I love it!

  29. Ashleigh

    Without a doubt my favorite coffee. Discovered the breakfast blend not too long ago and was hooked. Husband was hooked too, and he’s particular about his coffee!

  30. Alonzo Murphy


  31. Alonzo Murphy


  32. Alonzo Murphy

    Good stars

  33. Ed White


  34. H E White

    Great stuff!

  35. Pauline Dwyer (verified owner)

    Have been ordering for a couple of years after finding it accidently online… I live in So. CA but am a born and bred Cape Coder with a New England heart.. I love this coffee and will keep ordering for ever..

  36. Don

    Discovered New England Coffee in Pensacola, Florida several years ago and joined this website. Have an entire shelf in my pantry reserved for the various flavors. #1 is Hazelnut Creme followed closely by Irish Creme. Top ten include Swiss Chocolate Almond, Macadamia Nut, and Maple Nut (not sure of exact name, but it only comes out a couple of months a year – great).

  37. Gregory Wells (verified owner)

    Breakfast Blend-WOW!!!! Have been buying this coffee for quite a few years. Found it by accident in a Burger King near Acadia in Maine more than 10 years ago. The best cup of coffee I have ever had. There is no other coffee in our house. Thanks so much for the best part of my day-New England Breakfast Blend in the morning! Would give it 10 stars if I could!

  38. Jim Holmes

    My wife and I discovered this coffee when we visited Salem, MA.
    We loved it. Bought some to bring home and keep buying it.
    I have yet to find it’s equal.

  39. Karen

    I love this coffee. It is my all time favorite! I love the Breakfast Blend and Donut Shop as I like light-medium roast coffee. This coffee is so smooth and delicious. My daughter loves the Hazelnut Cream. No matter what you get you will not be disappointed. Once you try it you will be hooked!!

  40. Perry Skates

    First time I have had this brand of coffee. I bought it last night at Publix Market in Cleveland, Tennessee. It is just one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had. I will be a regular customer of New England Coffee.

  41. Kelsey

    Absolutely LOVE this coffee! I tried the Chocolate Cappucino medium roast this morning and fell in love. Try New England Coffee!!

  42. James

    Best part of my day

  43. James

    The best part of my morning is first the smell and then the taste, of new england coffee. And I live in the south.. Lol

  44. Joel

    Truely a great cup of coffee!! Very consistent from one bag to the next…..

  45. Michelle

    Words can’t describe how AMAZING this coffee is! so smooth and wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone without a doubt.

  46. Susan Cope (verified owner)

    An excellent coffee! Smooth flavor. Just a wonderful cup of “Joe.”

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