New England Donut Shop Blend®

(17 customer reviews)

Enjoy the smooth, mellow taste of our New England Donut Shop Blend®. It’s our lightest roast yet!

Our most popular light roast coffee is also available in 22 oz. Bags!

Light Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

17 reviews for New England Donut Shop Blend®

  1. Kathleen Quinlan-Mal (verified owner)

    This is a light coffee and no bad after taste. I just ordered more.

  2. Amanda

    I would give this coffee a 5 star but for some reason it wont let me. I am new to coffee drinking and I bought this brand and type, the Donut Shop blend and it is amazing. Nice and light, wonderful aroma and is now my favorite blend of coffee. Even over Dunkin Donuts which I loved.

  3. DJA

    Very smooth with no bitterness. Very nice coffee.

  4. Grammy Cracker

    Just delicious. Had never tried this brand, but my local grocery was having a good deal. Tried this roast because I drink a ton of coffee and some can be bitter and harsh. Perfect for those who like their coffee smooth and non acidic. Going back tomorrow to get more.

  5. Andy Lee

    One of the best store bought light roasts I’ve tasted. There is smooth creamy flavor. Great sweet smell and flavor. I would say it has a small slightly warm cre’me brule’e flavor and caramelized sugar smell. Not fruity like Ethiopian coffee (which I like), but none of the bitterness or tartness that seems to accompany those roasts as well. Light roasts are the best at bringing out coffee flavor and I’m glad New England Coffee makes this kind! Bravo on the blend.

  6. Hoang

    Excellent coffee. HMMMM!!

  7. Theresa V

    I absolutely love this, I don’t stop for coffee anymore on my way to work, I just make it at home now and save extra time and money. Thank you for such a wonderful mild blend.

  8. Coffee Lover

    I buy this blend at my local store and love it! Smooth and satisfying – good coffee taste with no acid or bitterness. I highly recommend it.

  9. Jay

    Such a smooth and delicious coffee without the aftertaste.

    I had to give up milk in my coffee – milk mellows the bitterness. So even medium roasts were too much.

    This coffee is smooth like a high end espresso Americano.

    The best!

    Make a decaf!!!!

  10. Ashley

    Very smooth coffee and very good taste.

  11. Simone Jones

    Best coffee ever! We drink Folgers which can have a bitter aftertaste. Not with this coffee. I will be ordering it now 🙂

  12. M. Walsh

    Love your coconut coffee! Also love your free shipping on mail orders 🙂 I was getting your emails with the flavor of the month and other promo offers but I have not received any in a while. Please sign me up again.

  13. Diesel

    I love this coffee it’s by far one of my fav flavors from this company

  14. TeeTee

    I love this coffee….smooth, light and smells delicious just like the donut shop. Taste so much better

  15. Benjamin

    Best coffee available at the grocery store. We like a lighter roast and tried NE Coffee Doughnut Shop Blend on whim and love it. Hope we never have to switch. It’s perfect.

  16. Paiseleigh

    Brunch is my jam. I love to host brunch for friends and family and every single time, I make your donut shop blend. Anytime a newbie joins us for brunch they rave about the coffee and beg me to tell them my secret. I laugh and show them the bag 🙂 I use this to make my almost famous iced coffee concentrate as well. Hands down my favorite blend!

  17. Snowy Evening (verified owner)

    This coffee is so mild and yet, very flavorful! We have purchased it for years and just love it! Please don’t change it! It’s so much better than the regular coffee you buy in grocery stores.

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