French Vanilla

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A New England Coffee favorite, our signature blend of South and Central American coffee beans is mixed with smooth and sweet French Vanilla to delight all flavor lovers.


Medium Roast

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Customer Reviews

18 reviews for French Vanilla

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    This coffee is the best I have found. I have tried coffees from around the world. Nothing compares. The aroma and light taste of this coffee allows me to enjoy it all day long. I truly suggest it be everyone’s coffee. At least try it once and I am sure you will like it.

  2. Travis

    Well, I’ve only recently started drinking coffee. I tried a few popular brands and wasn’t a fan of any. So I decided to head to the store and look. This caught my eye, for no particular reason. Went home, opened it up – smells amazing, by the way – and made a cup. Very smooth, flavorful…delicious. I drink it ever morning. Highly recommended.

  3. Sandra Workman

    Really good coffee.

  4. Amanda

    My favorite. I have tried so many vanilla coffees and this I the best I have ever had it is so smooth tasting. I look forward to my morning cups every day thank you 🙂

  5. Sandra Workman

    Still the best coffee I’ve ever had.

  6. Stephen (verified owner)

    I am still a big fan of this coffee, in fact, I buy it buy the 5 lb bag. One twist is I get it in the bean format. Nothing taste as good or fresh as grinding my own. I highly recommend this way of preparing your delicious cups of coffee.

  7. Julie Tran

    First time I tried/saw this coffee while I was on vacation and my best friend’s mother made a pot and I fell in love. Im a medium roast lover and I absolutely loved this brand and flavor. You can smell how rich the flavor is without any creamers or sugar. The taste is amazing. We actually didn’t have any sugar at the beach house so I added 2 tsp of creamer and it was perfect. Highly recommend to anyone!

  8. Robin S. Beyer (verified owner)

    My husband loves French Vanilla!

  9. Bruce

    im upset that my local walmart isnt carrying this coffee anymore…… i bought 2- 11 oz bags a week to stock up on it but used it every day 2x a day….so now im goin to buy direct from the company and a 22 oz bag.

  10. Lydia Engelman

    Absolutely the best French Vanilla coffee. Glad I found it.

  11. Jean C (verified owner)

    This has been our favorite for over 10 years, from ground by the pot, to K-cups, to whole bean. We buy 5 lbs of whole beans and freeze in half-pounds; the last cup is as tasty as the first! This is one of the few medium-roast flavored coffees; the quality control has never been anything but the highest in all the time we’ve been using it. Highly recommend!

  12. Kathleen Kingery

    Love this coffee

  13. Fred Woolverton (verified owner)

    No better way to start the day!

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    I consume this blend sometimes entirely on its own, and other times I mix it 50:50 with New England Coffee’s Raspberry Chocolate. Either way, this coffee is outstanding! I certainly recommend trying the French Vanilla blend.

  15. Becca.hetrick (verified owner)

    I am addicted to the whole bean French Vanilla. I’ve been buying this coffee and grinding it myself for years. I will never drink any coffee other than New England Coffee French Vanilla!!

  16. LINDA GOLDMAN (verified owner)

    Traveled from New England where I always bought and drank your French Vanilla Coffee. Came to California and I couldn’t find it in the stores. So I am glad I am able to order online. I love this Coffee and Flavor. Thank You

  17. Misty White (verified owner)

    This has always been my go to coffee! Rich flavor that never fails! I’d love to see NEC come out with French Vanilla Cappuccino!

  18. Fred Woolverton (verified owner)

    Started drinking this in GA. Moved out west and could not find it in stores. So I began purchasing on line. It is my go-to flavor most mornings. Sweet aroma and rich vanilla- but not so overpowering it tastes like candy. But I will admit there are some mornings when Vienna Roast or Chocolate Cappuccino hot the spot.

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