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A taste to be shared during the holiday season! The rich and creamy flavor of Eggnog is blended with our signature coffee.

Available while supplies last!

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

17 reviews for Eggnog

  1. claire

    eggnog is the absolute best !
    wish it would come back.
    perhaps you should put out on grocery store Holiday display
    please please

  2. Jamie

    My wife LOVES this coffee. I have to stock up when it comes out so that she has enough to last at least until Spring. Is there any way to be notified when it is coming back?

  3. Heather

    I LOVE your Eggnog coffee, it’s the BEST!! I haven’t been able to find it the last few years. Publix was the only place that I could find it in the Pensacola, Florida area. Please bring it back to the local grocery stores. I know that it will sell out fast! The other brands don’t compare! ?

  4. Sue

    This wonderful coffee tastes just like our hometown eggnog that we enjoy during the Christmas Season! A tasty hint of rum & nutmeg! I wish it was available all year long!!

  5. Susan

    It needs to be on the shelves way more than just around the holidays. I stocked up, but would rather buy fresh.

  6. Stefanie L Morin (verified owner)

    Best I’ve ever had love seasonal eggnog

  7. Kathleen Warner

    You should make this available year round. Why only the holidays????

  8. Renee Warner

    We look forward to ordering your eggnog coffee every year! Hoping to see it come back very soon!

  9. Denise Hirschlein

    I love your eggnog coffee! Please, Please bring it back for the holiday season!


    So happy to have found this! Have been looking for a good eggnog coffee since early 2000’s with no luck. Love this coffee. Wish I had a larger supply!

  11. Lori Keithan

    I love the Eggnog!!! Can’t wait until it becomes available again for the season!!!

  12. Marie Taluba

    Eggnog is my favorite and I buy enough for the whole year. I’ve run out now and keep hoping I’ll see it again soon in the stores.

  13. Claire

    Your coffee is so good but the eggnog flavor was the absolute BOMB! NO ONE has that flavor and yours was sooo excellent. Bring it back!

  14. Rosalie Adams Wilberger

    I’ve been looking for good eggnog coffee ever since Keurig discontinued their Spicy Eggnog Kcups. It was my favorite flavor. Your eggnog coffee is the best that I have found and I must have spent 100’s in coffee fail purchases. Thank you! Please never discontinue.

  15. Rosanna

    This coffee is amazing
    Such a lovely flavor,
    My sister and I tested it for the first time immediately when it arrived.
    We were transported to a Christmas village with a fireplace and the smell of the holidays in and through our bodies…. we couldn’t describe it… it was like drinking what a delicious candle smells like.
    Must Order More

  16. Lorene

    I would like to order more please!! It’s delicious!!! Please make it available again soon!!!!!!!!!!

  17. James

    I love this eggnog coffee

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