Blueberry Cobbler

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Blueberry Cobbler coffee is a unique treat inspired by a classic country dessert. Our signature coffee is infused with sweet and juicy berry flavor and a hint of spices. This flavor can be poured over ice to instantly cool those hot and sunny days and to delight your guests. Blueberry Cobbler coffee’s distinctive yet never overpowering flavor makes it an ideal choice for those seeking something new. The essence of blueberries makes this coffee ideal for morning or middle-of-the-day refreshment.

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Medium Roast

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Customer Reviews

76 reviews for Blueberry Cobbler

  1. Michele

    The absolute best! Our favorite flavor ever and what got us hooked on New England coffees! You won’t regret getting this one!

  2. Michelle Barnett

    Best grounds I have ever bought! Found their website just so I can make this review. The blueberry tastes amazing with just creamer in it! Meanwhile other brands have to have tons of other things added just to taste mediocre. This brand is the best and I WILL NEVER buy anything else ever again!

  3. Morgan (verified owner)

    It’s THE BEST blueberry coffee. Most other coffee companies ruin blueberry coffee with too much vanilla. This is the perfect blend. I don’t buy any other kind!

  4. Troy Winston

    To date New England coffee has two of my favorite coffee flavors, even among some smaller boutique brands we get locally. These favorites are your Butter Pecan and this Blueberry Cobbler. My goodness, the aroma and flavor is amazing. I had thought your French Vanilla was amazing, but those other two just slam it right out of the park. ?

  5. richard mcdermott (verified owner)

    The aroma catches you while the flavor keeps you. Keep brewing your great coffees.

  6. mmmillisock73

    This blueberry coffee is amazing! I mx the grounds with the Hazelnut Creme to make a smooth & silky cup of morning coffee. I do wish I could find it my local grocery store though.

  7. christyloves7 (verified owner)

    I recently read the reviews on the blueberry cobbler coffee because I was looking for a good one. I love blueberry coffee, but most are bitter or tart. These reviews said it was smooth and they were not kidding! This is by far the best blueberry coffee I’ve ever had. I will definitely buy again! Thank you for such an amazing product.

  8. Elizabeth

    Not my favorite flavor from this brand. Blueberry flavoring for coffee seemed unnatural to me and I didn’t care for it. Their non-fruit flavored coffees are much better.

  9. Jonathan P. (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious,you cannot go wrong with this blend if you are a blueberry lover,this company knows perfect balance of flavor,strength + incredible pricing.

  10. Gina Weir

    I drink coffee every morning. I had never tried flavored coffee. I am pleasantly surprised at how good this coffee is. I will definitely order again.

  11. gunter.darren (verified owner)

    Wow, amazing coffee and taste. First time ordering from your company, and we were not disappointed. Some medium roast is strong, for me anyway, but this has a very smooth flavor. Will definitely order again.

  12. Karen

    I have been using the Blueberry Cobbler for several years. The best way to drink it (in my opinion) is iced in the summertime mixed with some half and half and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream! It’s definitely like desert in a glass and my whole house smells like blueberries when I brew it. I am looking forward to trying other flavors now. Love it!!

  13. Amira

    I heard about it so I can’t wait until I get it ?

  14. DiamondDogFaith (verified owner)

    when I seen that this brand can be drank black and no creamer or sugar is needed I was skeptical at first but hey I’ll try anything once and if I like it I would have come back for some more, and let me tell you this flavor hits all the notes very nice and to my dismay you can drink it black and it still taste like a blueberry cobbler and the house hold killed the first bag of it in less than a week that how good it was, now I have order three more flavors, *peanut butter banana milkshake, cupcake vanilla, strawberry shortcake (which we just cracked open and it’s another five stars) this brand has put other coffee makers brands to shame and will be purchasing for now on this brand for this household.

  15. Shelly (verified owner)

    A lot of flavored coffees just fall a bit short. But this one! It’s the closest thing to having a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee! It actually makes me feel good inside.
    Sunday mornings is the time my husband and I relax together and this is the coffee we choose. Thank you for such a great flavor.

  16. dougreel (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor of all time.perfect balance between coffee and blueberry.

  17. Dave Reid

    Was given a bag by a friend who knows blueberry anything gets my attention! Blueberry pie overtook birthday cakes when I was 10 — and 60+ years later, I still have homemade blueberry pie on my birthday! This coffee has an excellent blueberry flavor, and while I can’t find it locally, I’ll be an online customer!!!
    If you like blueberries, you’ll definitely like this coffee!!!!

  18. Ellen (verified owner)

    I bought some k-cups at a store near my area and it’s become my favorite coffee. I enjoy the blueberry smell as it brews. The taste is spectacular, but I sometimes add a splash of unsweetened almond milk to get it just how I like it.

  19. Sashinka

    Best coffee I’ve ever had!!!!!! Hands down. I literally can’t go back to drinking any other coffee. The taste is amazinggggggg. ????????

  20. JasonAndJessica Schlothauer

    we absolutely love the blueberry cobbler coffee it is the most exquisite and intriguing robust flavor to have at any point of the day just the aroma is so spectacular it awakens your senses to a higher level

  21. Jaime Robb (verified owner)

    I love this blueberry coffee! It is perfect in the summer. I make 2 cups for myself in the morning – one I drink hot (and usually add to) and one I leave to drink cold throughout the day. Delicious!

  22. Brittany

    The blueberry is my favorite coffee! I have bought it several times, and even gifted bags to friends. I will be trying the pistachio creme next.

  23. Stacy

    This is my husband’s favorite coffee. Since trying it he won’t drink anything else! We’re excited to be able to order direct as our store is frequently sold out.

  24. Ann

    This is my FAVORITE coffee sadly my local store is always out of it . But I found the direct line so I never have to be without it again! I pair it with Chocolate flavored creamer so it’s like a chocolate covered blueberry cobbler .



  26. busterseyes (verified owner)

    I love the 3 flavors of New England Coffee that I’ve tried but the Blueberry Cobbler is my favorite. What a treat to wake up to every morning! I thought nothing could compare to my morning coffee from Dunkin’s but I believe I’ve found it. That is high praise indeed from Dunkin’s coffee lover! To be honest, I drink this coffee more than I do Dunkin’s.

  27. mur18c.ashley

    This is delicious coffee I love this flavor!

  28. mur18c.ashley

    New England Coffee has the BEST flavored coffee you will ever, ever taste! This blueberry is spot on tasting like blue berry.

  29. George Deems

    I am not a great fan of coffee, but your blueberry is great.

    Hard to get at our primary residence, but when we visit our vacation home we stock up as the local Walmart stocks it.

  30. mhensley2

    I love this coffee. I have loved all the flavors I have tried from New England coffee . This is by far the best tasting blueberry coffee I have ever had. Dont change your coffees they are fantastic!!!!

  31. jeff howe

    Blueberry Cobbler is my favorite coffee now. It’s smooth without that bitter after taste that comes from beans that are over roasted which seems to be popular at those high priced coffee shops. This has the proper essence of blueberry without being to fruity. I add a touch of organic stevia and organic cinnamon to it 1-2 times each day. After my local Walmart stopped carrying this I went online and stocked up. Please never stop making this flavor!

  32. Troy Vozzella

    I love this flavor! My local supermarket sells it and I’m never without. It’s fragrant and delicious hot or iced.

  33. samanthagabbeart (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I tried this coffee before any of the other flavors, at a gas station in Indiana. We had to get some for home! Ever since we’ve consistently bought more and have tried new flavors by New England Coffee. It has really expanded our interest for coffee!

  34. Christy Miller

    This flavored coffee is Amazing-Rich in flavor and its aroma has a powerful aroma! I look forward to my morning coffee routine every morning-blueberry cobbler by New England Coffee never disappoints!!

  35. Kelly Duguay

    I found this coffee 5 years ago and it’s my go to morning cup! I really don’t like any other , it isn’t the easiest to find in the stores, but I always buy as many as I can when I do see this

  36. G

    I found this coffee a decade ago stationed in Kittery. It was like finding my soulmate.

  37. Steve Goodman

    Love the coffee, but wish it could be made using only natural blueberry flavor. Why does it need artificial flavoring added in?

  38. Kathie Eckerson

    My friends daughter came home with Blueberry Cobbler. She told us about it and said we were welcome to make some. I thought yuck but my friend brewed a pot. Guess what, it was brewing and it smelled sooooo good! We tasted it and loved it. I have to admit, even black, it is amazing! Love it! 🙂

  39. Lucia Hemingway

    LOVE this Blueberry Cobbler! I’m a very picky about my coffee and this is perfect. not bitter and not a weak cup of coffee either. As for the flavor, it’s not overpowering or fake. Just the right amount of blueberry cobbler. I drank it black at first and added non dairy creamer which brought out the flavor even more. This will definitely be a repurchase! I got this first bag from Amazon but will try this site next time. Now that I know how good this flavor is, I might try other flavors by New England Coffee.

  40. Marie (verified owner)

    This is my all-time favorite. I’ve loved it for years. The ground coffee is great, but if you have a grinder, buy the whole bean. I get fresh tasting coffee every morning. My grocery store has discontinued this flavor, but Wal-Mart still carries it & it’s very inexpensive. The website is the only place to get the whole bean, so I order from here often.

  41. Kirk Neville

    Truly our morning coffee standard! We discovered this coffee a few months ago and it hasn’t left our coffe pot since! It is a great blueberry taste and aroma. It is also a smooth and full body experience. Although it is hard to find in stores….I will be ordering several bags from this site. Lol. worth 6stars in my opinion!

  42. Julie

    Amazing smell when brewing and a great after dinner treat with a little French vanilla creamer!

  43. Davd Reed

    Just purchased this and love it! What a smooth and refreshing brew! The blueberry really comes through! I would highly recommend this brand and this flavor!!! The Chocolate cappuccino is very good as well!

  44. Kiara

    Ok so I hadn’t had coffee in almost one year so I wanted to have some to keep me awake so I tried this and let me tell you I couldn’t believe how good it tasted I think I’ll be having a cup a day now. Also I don’t put any sugar or creamer in my coffee because it’s not good for your health and I’m all about my health so I didn’t put any sugar or creamer in it it was just natural and it tasted amazing I sat in my room read a book and drank my coffee and it was sooo relaxing!

  45. Caitlyn

    I’ve recommended this coffee to so many people. All of my friends love it. I need to stop raving about it because it’s always sold out at my local grocery store!!

  46. Ms S from Texas (verified owner)

    Most amazing coffee ever. I bought some of this while on vacation in New England and loved it from the first minute of brewing. Flavor is a great blend without an overwhelming flavor but just the right amount of blueberry and coffee for a smooth and sweet taste. I am addicted.

  47. Melinda Phillips

    My absolute favorite coffee! For some strange reason they are discontinuing New England coffee at the local Winn-Dixie. I went in and bought the last 7 bags at the store this morning. Will be ordering from here in the future. Thanks for great coffee!!

  48. Beth Gork

    Best coffee ever!!! Blueberry Cobbler rocks my world!!!

  49. Megg in Sunny Florida

    Blueberry is our favorite! We bring it on every vacation we travel and it now signifys adventure. When we break it out at home it’s connected to amazing memories. I think I’ve tried every blueberry coffee and this one is by far the best out there. Once you try it your hooked!

  50. Garrett

    Hands down best coffee in the world. I don’t know how they make this coffee so delicious but all other coffees have now become irrelevant in my life. New England blueberry cobbler <3

  51. Dana C

    We love, love, love this coffee it is our favorite!

  52. Claudia Jennings

    I have been buying the blueberry coffee of yours for years. We love it and drink it everyday. I live in SC and the Publix did carry it. They just stopped carrying the blueberry, and I am so unhappy. I wanted to make sure you were still making it. Please continue! It is our favorite. While the stores here carry some of your products, I will have to try to see if they can order the blueberry for me.

  53. Delight Kilyan

    Happily I can find this at my Publix store in Florida. When I move back to Chicago IT BETTER BE AVAILABLE! You can actually smell blueberries when it’s brewing and has a lovely, smooth taste. Need to stock up.

  54. Crystal H.

    Amazing! This coffee is absolutely amazing. It is hands down my favorite coffee. It isn’t bitter at all and it has such a nice aroma which further enhances the blueberry cobbler flavor. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it yet…. Get it NOW and thank me later. 🙂

  55. Christina Phelan

    Love this coffee!

  56. Harley

    Absolutely my favorite coffee treat! If I cannot find it on the shelf, I leave the store in search of it somewhere else! It has no rival.

  57. Karen

    Excellent. Brought home and the hubby said YUCK until he had it the next morning. We love this flavor and glad we tried it as it is one of our favorites. We also enjoy all the coffee from New England Coffee

  58. Wilkins

    I love blueberry coffee, and this brand has the best I have tried!

  59. Brittany (verified owner)

    Smells absolutely amazing and also tastes fantastic. Great breakfast coffee with the strong blueberry flavor. I’ll most definitely reorder.

  60. Sandra Workman

    Really good.

  61. cekaplan

    my favorite coffee!!! love the aroma and the taste!!! perfection!!!

  62. JM

    So far, Blueberry Cobbler is my favorite. I love the smell while it is brewing, and the taste can’t be beat. We used to use a lot of cream and sugar, but have recently cut it all out. This coffee is amazing black (and with cream and sugar! LOL). We will be trying more flavors soon. 🙂

  63. Shelley (verified owner)

    Hubby Loves this coffee, make it everyday

  64. Lynn Marilla (verified owner)

    LOVE this coffee. It is getting harder to find however. So I will continue to order it here. Drink if every day. I use a single serve brewing machine and add about 6-8 blueberries to my mug. Gives it just a little extra flavor and seems to make the coffee even smoother than it already is. I’m a fan!

  65. Jeff

    This is the coffee that finally convinced me that I am a coffee drinker. It is wonderful… thoroughly recommended!

  66. Danielle

    This coffee is the BEST. I don’t really like coffee that is roasted very dark and strong, so I stick to light and medium roasts, and I’m always open to new coffees. This is the BEST! It smells amazing and it has a blueberry taste without the sugar and calories. A little cream and sugar. I get it at Target for 6 dollars a pound

  67. Sharon Cox (verified owner)

    My husband and I LOVE Blueberry Cobbler. We’ve been drinking it for years and like no other flavors better. Recently, however, we can’t find it in stores any more. VERY DISCOURAGING!!! We’ve gotten several friends loving it over the years, only now not to be able to find it. Please don’t discontinue the flavor!!!!!

  68. Patti

    This is Awesome!! The smell of this brewing is HEAVEN!! It really tastes like blueberries. When I carry this with me in a mug people ask me what I’m drinking because it smells so GREAT!! Yummy!!

  69. Breny

    Love this coffee. Found blueberry coffee through green mountain k cups but I have to say this is much more affordable and taste better!

  70. Christine (verified owner)

    THIS DESERVES 5 STARS, but it will not let me choose that! Hands down, THE BEST tasting coffee both my husband and I have EVER HAD IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES! PERIOD!

  71. Bobbie (verified owner)

    We are fortunate to find this in our area…we drink it every day and have for years now. I would give it 5 stars for sure. And I was unable to give it 5 stars also……but it sure is…

  72. laura (verified owner)

    FIVE STARS!!!!! Site will not allow me to click fifth star. This is my favorite coffee in the ENTIRE world! I bought it while in New England over the summer and was hooked! I live in the deep South and cannot find it here. I am so grateful that it is offered here for fresh purchas

  73. Marcie SM

    I want to give this 5 stars my phone won’t let me either. I have loved all of you coffee I have tried. I love the breakfast blend, but most favorite is the Blueberry cobble. I love anything with blueberries and when I saw it, it was a must try. And honestly it was live at first sip. The best thing about your coffees are that they never leave a bitter taste, plus the pricing in our area is remarkable. Please don’t ever stop making this blend!

  74. Meghan

    I never leave reviews for anything, but this coffee is so amazing that I feel the need to let people know what they are missing out on! I’ve been a barista for over 8 years, and have yet to try a coffee this good.

  75. Marcy Hile (verified owner)

    Love it! Love it! love it! and so disappointed I can’t find it in any stores any more!!

  76. Chrissy N (verified owner)

    This coffee is AMAZING. I bought it from Amazon, but decided to visit the original site. And it’s way more affordable here! I’ve let so many people try it and we all love it. I tried to give it five stars but for some reason my computer isn’t letting me. So, FIVE STARS!!

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