Hazelnut Crème Decaffeinated

(24 customer reviews)

Rich, nutty overtones in a mellow blend of medium-roasted South and Central American decaffeinated beans.


Medium Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

24 reviews for Hazelnut Crème Decaffeinated

  1. Dorothy Sion (verified owner)

    Wonderful coffee. I have been drinking this coffee for many years. It still a treat for me.

  2. Cindy K. (verified owner)

    Love this coffee. The best Decaf Hazelnut I have tasted.. amazing flavor. A must try. Enjoy.

  3. Jody Meyer (verified owner)

    This flavored decaf is so good that I don’t drink any other flavored decafs. Once in a while I will find a place that has decaf hazelnut; but invariably it doesn’t equal the flavor of this one.

  4. Gary Smith (verified owner)

    very good coffee

  5. Christina Smith

    An amazingly good cup of decaf that makes my whole house smell amazing when freshly brewed.
    I love the nutty, sweet smell and taste of this roast and would love to see you add even more of your flavors to your decaf offerings (since I don’t handle caffeine very well right now).
    You’ve definitely made a fan out of me!

  6. Pat (verified owner)

    I love this coffee! And for Keurig fans, as I am, I use the medium ground and fill my little reusable/washable K cup I got from Bed Bath & Beyond – it works perfectly and I’m not throwing all of that plastic away.


    Best coffee ever. Rach time I run low, I travel to MANY stores in my area to find it. They are always sold out.

    I give up and will order online

  8. Jean Kromm

    I really enjoy the delicious and smooth flavor of New England Hazelnut Decaffeinated Coffee. I have been unable to buy it at my local store as they keep running out.

  9. Sandy

    Best coffee there is–so mellow. The only coffee we drink when we spend a couple of winter months in the States. And we bring a supply with us back to Canada. We need you to start shipping here so we can enjoy it year-round!

  10. hattie higgins-greene (verified owner)

    Morning GLORY!!!

  11. Chanel

    BEST Coffee EVER!!!!? The stores sell out So Fast!! When I DO find it I have to stick up!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!??

  12. hattie higgins-greene (verified owner)

    excellent coffee!

  13. Hattie Higgins-Greene (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee with flavorful taste

  14. Hattie Higgins-Greene (verified owner)

    Excellent decaffeinated coffee with very flavorful taste

  15. Diana Young

    This is my favorite decaf

  16. Portia Gregor (verified owner)


  17. Heather Free

    Love love love this decaf coffee! Had to give up caffeine a few months ago and was mainly relying on tea for my morning beverage that is until we went on vacation w some friends and they had the blueberry cobbler, I didn’t have any but knew I’d look into your brands decaf, it’s the best flavor even better than the caffeinated coffees I was drinking before. Now if I could only get some of that blueberry cobbler in a decaf! Thank you for making the best decaf I’ve ever had!

  18. Clara Benigno

    I cannot have caffeine and I drink flavored coffees. Found this and love it! Wish you made more decaf flavored coffees for us … please!

  19. Debi

    My favourite decaf coffee with Hazelnut flavouring. So delicious, nutty and smooth. But I have a Keurig now and the decaf version is not available. Please put in K-cups for us decaf only Keurig fans!

  20. Bethany Hauf

    After buying this coffee by accident, I will never drink anything else, I love it! I sometimes have a hard time finding it at Walmart so when I do find it I stock up, It’s my bedtime treat.

  21. Chanel Creamer

    The Best Coffee Ever! I Highly Recommend to Everyone!!

  22. Chanel Creamer

    I am no longer able to drink Coffee with Caffeine so I tried this Coffee and I fell in LOVE!! I do not drink any other Coffee! It is Absolutely the BEST!!!! My local stores run out Slot so when I find it on the shelves I buy 6 bags at a time. Thank You for your Dedication!! ??

  23. Fusciah (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes sooo good! The best flavored decaf I’ve had.

  24. Harry Gedney (verified owner)

    This is the best decaffeinated coffee we have ever had and we have been drinking coffee for 15 years. The difference is that it isn’t bitter like other brands. It’s so good, we order it by mail because our local store is always running out!

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