Hazelnut Crème

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A medium roasted coffee, which is also our most popular flavor – you’ll find much about it to enjoy. The rich, nutty flavor of our Hazelnut Crème coffee creates a smooth coffee experience with a hint of sweetness. This unique quality allows the coffee to be consumed as a breakfast coffee, middle of the day pick-me-up, or with your after-dinner dessert. The delicious flavor of hazelnuts is added to our gourmet South and Central American coffee beans and roasted with a time-honored tradition to create the Hazelnut Crème coffee that everyone has grown to love.



Medium Roast

From: $6.49


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Customer Reviews

30 reviews for Hazelnut Crème

  1. Sarah

    Yum. I had never heard of New England Coffee and decided to give this a try. It’s very good; I’m interested to try some of the other flavors now. I saw a sale price of $5.99 a bag at my local grocery store. The packaging on the shelf doesn’t really stand out; maybe that’s why I had previously missed it. Re-brand to stand out on the grocery store shelf. You have some fierce competition.

  2. Janet

    Love New England Coffee, especially Hazelnut Creme. I use the single serve and thinking about buying the ground. I love opening up the package in the morning to that beautiful hazelnut aroma. It’s a wonderful start to my day. I’m going to try some of the other flavors, too.

  3. trimellone@aol.com (verified owner)

    Once I tried this brand, I couldn’t go back. Its mellowness and flavor are unsurpassed! Much better than other brands who try to make “Hazelnut Creme” flavor (hazelnut + vanilla)!

  4. Lisa

    Best flavored coffee out there.
    Smooth creamy and just perfect.

  5. Victoria

    By far, the best tasting, most natural flavored hazelnut coffee light roast there is. The aroma while it brews to the first taste, makes my day! I can easily pass a coffee shop to make my own at home! I’ll blend Donut Shoppe with Hazelnut Creme for a switch up! Thank you for great coffee, always!

  6. Terri

    My all time favorite hazelnut coffee! Definitely the best on the market. I’ve literally tried them all, from the high end organic to store brands. Not bitter,not too sweet , lovely full bodied aroma and you can actually taste the coffee bean which is a great bean!! The flavoring does not cover up the quality bean taste. AND I’m a coffee snob…. Very picky I will throw out a bad bag of coffee easily or use it for a air freshener. Unfortunately I can’t get it where I live 🙁

  7. donald

    this coffee is amazing. i found it, then after a few bags, the store failed to stock it, so im here ordering more. i use a heavy hazelnut cream in it and brew it dark. cant get enough.

  8. S_y_p@att.net

    The very best coffee we have ever had!

  9. rosie268 (verified owner)

    I have not tasted a coffee that I didn’t like from New England Coffee!! It’s smooth and not bitter! Love it!!

  10. Latrelle Monk

    Perfect cup every time. Love the aroma and the taste.

  11. Marisol Román

    I’m having my first cup of hazelnut medium roast New England coffee and I’m just amazed at the rich flavor I’ve been a donut coffee drinker for the past 12 years but never had I tasted this wonderful secret wake me up Im dreaming coffee Bought it at the grocery Depot in West Spfld ma NEW ENGLAND COFFEE IS THE BEST

  12. Jim Henry

    My wife and I tried it and don’t want any other coffee. We try to keep a good supply on hand at all times.

  13. Jim Henry

    After my wife and I tried your coffee we want no other. We try to keep a supply on hand at all times.

  14. Lisa

    This is the only coffee i drink i LOVE The Hazelnut Cream

  15. James Hagopian

    I have enjoyed this blend ever since I was introduced to it about 4 years ago.
    Thank you New England Coffee for this very pleasant taste.

  16. James Hagopian


  17. Anna Leese

    The absolute best smelling and tasting coffee ever! My local grocery store is often sold out, so yes, it’s really that good. Just the perfect touch of sweet flavor without having to add a bunch of creamers or sugar.

  18. Ann

    Love it, love it, love it…

  19. Sandy

    Our absolute favorite coffee and flavor ever. So smooth and delicious. My husband and I look forward to drinking it each morning! New England is really the best!

  20. hattie higgins-greene

    Great coffee!

  21. mur18c.ashley

    I love New England Coffee , I will not drink any other brand now.

  22. Brenda Jones

    Best Hazelnut coffee yet. I love it. I’ve been drinking this for years. I add Hazelnut syrup because I really want to taste the Hazelnut flavor. I only buy this brand.

  23. Chris Powell

    I use this to make cold brew and it is smooth and nutty with a touch of sweetness, no sugar required. A real treat for someone seeking indulgence without guilt.

  24. MD Murrell

    Best cup of coffee that has ever run through my machine no really the best

  25. Dianne Peschl (verified owner)

    My favorite!!

  26. ckmusic614 (verified owner)

    I haven’t found a more tasteful yet quant cup of coffee than New England Coffee Hazelnut. While other shops and companies are overpriced and of lower quality, the flavor and price and how much you get is balanced perfectly. I am now a permanent customer (thanks Mom!) and will be spreading word far and wide. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

  27. Gabe (verified owner)

    Our household’s favorite coffee! Whenever it starts brewing, we all love the smell of it in the air. It tastes great, loved by all of us. Now I buy it by the pound!

  28. DJ

    Target does not stock this any more, so I’m here buying in bulk. A little more expensive per bag though. Tastes just about as good as the Panera hazelnut but at half the price!

  29. Jorge Gonzalez

    My favorite.!!! now I buy it by the pound.

  30. Angela


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