New England Breakfast Blend® Single Serve

(15 customer reviews)

The finest beans from Africa, Central and South America in a hearty, medium-roasted wake-me-up blend.



Medium Roast

From: $8.99

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Customer Reviews

15 reviews for New England Breakfast Blend® Single Serve

  1. melissa.enos

    The only coffee I drink!
    Thank you!

  2. sharon

    I love this coffee so so good what a treat to wake up to this great cup of coffee in the morning I drink at least two cups a day

  3. calvin1835

    Great coffee, that I had to order more than normal, have friends who don’t drink coffee in morning, gave away a couple of pods, now they here.for the Breakfast Blend, so I’m getting 8 boxes 32 count for me and family, friends

  4. Joshua Popp (verified owner)

    Compare this to GMC and its far better flavor and taste. More body and depth to the coffee. I am a coffee snob, I purchase this all the way from the west coast.

  5. Joe

    I just tried this coffee rather randomly. I am very pleased! Best cup of coffee I have had in a while. You have a new loyal customer!

  6. MRS

    The K-Cup Breakfast Blend has a very good taste. My problem with the K-cup is I’ve had three of the top covers make a big slit and the coffee grounds spill all over the machine, what a mess. I won’t buy this brand anymore because of this problem.

    • Haley Rosenthal

      Hi Michele,
      We are so sorry that you have been having issues with this product. Someone has reached out to you via email regarding this issue so we can work together to resolve this.
      Thank you!

  7. themooseisloose (verified owner)

    Another hit! Another great tasting coffee. I’m new to New England Coffee and this is the second k-cup flavor I’ve tried. They’re making it tough for me to pick a favorite – Donut Shop or Breakfast Blend? They’re both great. I’m glad I found New England Coffee.

  8. Peg Groth

    When I started chemo at UConn Health Center I discovered a whole range of coffee flavors and noted the brand: New England Coffee. The coffee is delightfully mild and the two coffee stations always had 7 or more delicious flavors to choose from every day … like Chocolate Raspberry, Egg Nog, Peppermint … to name my favorites. I bought my coffee and enjoyed it during my infusions. I wish I could buy a K-CUP variety box of New England Coffees!!

  9. Jessica Inglis

    I absolutely love this coffee! I was born and raised in NH where we had this coffee everywhere you turned. MY parents made it a lot and I loved it. Then my husband and I moved to South Carolina and it’s hard to find but we still get the flavor we like. I have turned him into this coffee from being a dunkins snob. For the money you pay this coffee is truly the best value! I refuse to buy any other kind.

  10. Robert F. Adie (verified owner)

    Good coffee

  11. Robert F. Adie (verified owner)

    Great coffee!!

  12. Mauri (verified owner)

    The regular ground Breakfast Blend was my daily go to favorite coffee but when I tried the Breakfast Blend single serve, I was disappointed. I found the taste bitter and bolder than a medium roast–couldn’t finish a cup.

  13. Hilda Ross

    In my opinion your coffee is the best on the market. I want to thank your company for giving coffee to the commissary. My son is in the Navy and my husband is retired Navy.

  14. Pat Morris

    I new this was going to be great cup of coffee when I opened up the coffee and smelled the rich coffee aroma. I was hooked from the first cup. I have tried all different kinds of single serve coffee but this is the freshest most flavorful out of all of them.

  15. Richard Low

    I find the New England Coffee Company’s Breakfast Blend provides an excellent, full flavored cup of coffee that is perfect for that first morning wake up assistance that so many of us look forward to. That old fashioned coffee brew aroma is present even when using the one serving K cup method when time may not allow for a longer brewing method. The flavor of the Arabica coffee bean has been captured perfectly by New England Coffee Company’s master roasters using their time honored roasting process to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

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