Pistachio Ice Cream

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Sweet creamy pistachio ice cream flavor loaded with sweet nuts, but no shells. For a refreshing alternative, escape the daily grind and enjoy your next cup of Pistachio Ice Cream coffee – iced!

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Customer Reviews

14 reviews for Pistachio Ice Cream

  1. sunedaze11@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    If you like Pistachio Ice Cream you will love this coffee! Try it iced or hot, it’s DELICIOUS!
    This was my summer coffee however I now drink it all year..
    Of course I still drink New England Colombian regularly as well as Blueberry Cobbler & Tropical Coconut but the Pistacho Ice Cream flavor-AWESOME!
    Has anyone tried the Peach?

  2. Steve Stewart

    My favorite coffee, wish it was available in K-cups, I would buy 2 cases. Great taste even black!

  3. Olivia

    The best coffee I have ever had in my young life. Please make this into K-cups I will buy them all.

  4. Ron Brinza (verified owner)

    Omg I’ve died and gone to heaven!
    Life changing

  5. Laura (verified owner)

    I tried this for the first time today over ice. It’s BEYOND delicious. With a little splash of half and half, I feel like I’m having something so indulgent. The flavor is perfect.

  6. Meredith

    Please please PLEASE make this into the single serve cups!!!

  7. Patty Davis

    I would love to try many if your flavors, but they don’t come in kcups!!!! I love the blueberry. Would love to try pistachio in kcups!

  8. Paris

    I first tried this coffee at my local bagel shop and instantly fell in love. I ask them to add a splash of hazelnut coffee to it, I then put a bit of half and half in there… it’s the perfect recipe for Heaven in a cup 🙂 …I’ve looked all over to see if I could buy it and make it at home but it was to no avail. I finally thought to come directly to this website and much to my delight, it’s available here!! And at such a great price, I couldn’t be happier!! PS- you’ve got to try the hazelnut splash lol

  9. Annette Gonzales (verified owner)

    This is our all-time favorite New England coffee! We were disappointed that it is not currently being sold, but we’re very hopeful it will be sold again since it is a seasonal coffee. It’s the best!!

  10. Pat (verified owner)

    My new favorite flavor. Not bitter. Light, creamy taste and a definite floral pistachio aroma. Please, please, please, plan to offer in k-cups!!!

  11. Lena S (verified owner)

    I just got mine last week and have been thoroughly enjoying it! Definitely one of my top five favorite coffees! I need to order more if this is seasonal…

  12. hendrixsuzanna (verified owner)

    One of my very favorite flavors of all time! I always look forward not only to sipping this lovely pistachio delight, but also the scent when I open the bag. Ahhhh – delicious!

  13. Shayna (verified owner)

    I am a pistachio-aficionado. I have been buying this coffee for 10 years. The pistachio ice cream coffee is truly my all-time favorite coffee I’ve ever had, and I hope I get get it for the rest of my life!

  14. Chloe Ketcham (verified owner)

    Amazing, a coffee shop near me use to offer this and then they discontinued it. I was so surprised to find this and I will be ordering more before it is gone

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