Chocolate Raspberry

(19 customer reviews)

A sensuous coffee treat with the flavors of wild European raspberries blended with rich chocolate.


Medium Roast

From: $10.00

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Customer Reviews

19 reviews for Chocolate Raspberry

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This is my second favorite (after cinnamon sticky bun). Good to have on hand. A lot of fruit flavored coffees taste very artificial and unnatural, but this one’s pretty good. I got a bit tired of it after having 1 lb of grounds, but overall would recommend and would buy again.

  2. Mona Kallmyer (verified owner)

    Best chocolate raspberry coffee I’ve every tasted. Both chocolate/raspberry flavors come through perfectly. My favorite!

  3. Bill (verified owner)

    Why did you discontinue this in stores? Instead of 30 facings of French Vanilla which everyone offers can’t you slip in just one of the Chocolate Raspberry? I’d buy it every week instead of once a year if I could get it in my grocery store aisle.

  4. jandoisking (verified owner)

    Not great, tastes very artificial.

  5. Gentry little

    Very well blended

  6. Jen Whitney (verified owner)

    This coffee is amazing!! I am as honest as it comes when it comes to reviews because I hate being misled by bad reviewers. I can honestly say that this tastes exactly like chocolate raspberry! Delicious!! I will definitely keep this in rotation, highly recommended!

  7. Kathy Haynes (verified owner)

    As soon as my Chocolate Raspberry coffee arrived today, I made a big pot and it is so delicious that I’ve had 2 cups so far. It’s awesome…so smooth and flavorful! Thank you!

  8. howdee500 (verified owner)

    I became a fan of NEC with blueberry cobbler.This morning is my First Cup of Chocolate Rasberry.

  9. James Repine

    I first came across your coffee at Walmart.Blueberry was my first choice & it surpassed my expectations. So delicious, as are all the flavors that I’ve tried. I am quite finicky about the flavor, but you have by far won my vote as the best flavored coffee ever. I cannot wait to try your other flavors that Walmart doesn’t carry. I know I will not be disappointed. Thanks so much.

  10. Lydia Geer (verified owner)

    This one is definitely one of my favorites. It is an excellent replacement for Gevalia’s and Green Mountain’s versions, discontinued a number of years ago. I wish New England Coffee would also come up with a flavored coffee to replace Green Mountain’s Mocha Nut Fudge also recently discontinued.

  11. Kevin (verified owner)

    A perfect blend of coffee, what else needs to be said. This has been my only coffee since I discovered this web site almost two years ago. I highly recommend this coffee for anyone who either likes chocolate or else prefers smoother, less bitter coffee. You can’t go wrong!

  12. MM (verified owner)

    Your Bluberry Cobbler has always been my favorite , but now this Chocolate Raspberry is so delicious too!!

  13. Ray S

    The Chocolate Raspberry has a bold but not ovepowering flavor that works well to compliment any breakfast meal and is also great to have at any time of the day. Awesome coffee…awesome flavor!



  15. Howard

    I have an allergy to milk and want to minimize my sugar intake so drink my coffee black. It has taken me quite a while to find a smooth flavored coffee that tastes great without adding anything else. I found the chocolate raspberry coffee by accident at a breakfast place near my home one Sunday morning. I have been hooked ever since. It is excellent.

  16. Paula Mendelsohn (verified owner)

    Imagine diving into a rich chocolaty dessert topped with raspberry compote oozing over melted chocolate ice cream. Now imagine it hot with a steamy enticing aroma. Now actually indulge in it–calorie free 🙂 To quote my cousin when I shared some with her last visit: “Oh my God, that’s the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!”

  17. Marcia

    I am a very picky coffee drinker. I was a Gevalia customer for the last 30 years. I always enjoyed their Chocolate Rasberry (Mocha) flavor until they discontinued it. After the initial panic set in, I stumbled across the New England Coffee’s Chocolate Rasberry flavor and tried it. It far exceeds the quality and taste of Gevalia’s product. So, their subscription is cancelled, and New England has my business now. This is the BEST coffee ever!

  18. Aaron (verified owner)

    I brought a pound of this in to work and we went through it in no time. The coffee drinkers loved it and the non-coffee drinkers thought it smelled amazingly. I will definitely be buying more of this.

  19. Patti (verified owner)

    This one is my favorite. Chocolaty with raspberry flavor is so rich tasting. When I take it to work in my mug people ask me what I’m drinking because it smells so good! Delicious!! Love it!!

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