Chocolate Cappuccino

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Rich milk chocolate and creamy cappuccino flavors are blended with our signature coffee. Chocolate Cappuccino coffee will satisfy both chocolate lovers and coffee aficionados.


Medium Roast

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Customer Reviews

35 reviews for Chocolate Cappuccino

  1. Paula (verified owner)

    We love trying different flavored coffee, this is my go to favorite. I switched from making regular coffee in the morning Chocolate Cappuccino, why not? There is just enough chocolate flavor so its not overwhelming, it is subtle and hits the palette just right. Those saying they can’t taste the flavor you may not be making your offee right, make sure you’re adding enough coffee.

  2. Larry 7

    Great chocolaty flavor. I use this coffee a palette cleanser when I want a cup of coffee, but I don’t want my regular dark coffee.

  3. Polly

    absolutely love this coffee-and I am hard to please when it comes to
    coffee- New England Coffee is now my new best coffee.

  4. Fred Sebesta

    Made the same as my regular coffee. Has almost no flavor. Very disappointed.

  5. Rod

    Nice bold flavor, great for my morning iced coffee.

  6. Katherine (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite!! I can’t say enough about it. Always have to have more than a few bags on hand.

  7. carole

    I ordered this coffee for the first time last month. Absolutely love it. It is now one of my three favorite New England Coffee flavors. Also love Blueberry Cobbler and Pumpkin Spice.

  8. woodrufflovins2012

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for YEARS!! My husband gave me the cutest slimline Keurig in Pink! Well this girl was greatly disappointed when she couldn’t find her Chocolate Cappuccino in K-Pods at any store. So I go to the source only to realize you don’t make them???!!! Please consider making them. I can’t deal with this. I need my coffee flavor. So disappointed every morning when I get up and reality hits again.


  9. Amanda

    I’ve been drinking the chocolate cappuccino coffee for years now and have loved it from the start. It would be wonderful to buy in bulk, especially in biodegradable containers. Also, decaf of the same flavor would be fantastic as well. Thanks for making great coffee!

  10. Craig S Washington

    I very much love the Chocolate Cappuccino and wish you would offer a 70 k-Cup or 48 K-Cup selection in addition to the Winter Collection. The Winter Collection edition has ONLY 18 K-Cups and is just NOT enough!

  11. Rebecca Sample (verified owner)

    I love this coffee!

  12. Darline A. Teel-Williams

    Absolutely LOVE Chocolate Cappuccino – my favorite for sure – of any coffee! I would like to see it in the K-cup Pods! Thank you!

  13. Michelle Hadley

    The Chocolate Capuchinno is my absolute favorite. I truly wish you made this as a Decaf as well and in kcups. This would be an amazing Christmas gift for your customers.

  14. Gail Burgess

    My daughter gave me a bag of your mocha cappuccino and I have drank two bags by myself. Love it and am ordering your chocolate cherry and chocolate cappuccinno!Can’t wait.

  15. Mary M Bristol

    I love this coffee!!! It is so mild and not bitter at. Keep up the great work!

  16. Pam barnes

    Love this, perfect choc. Flavor

  17. J. V.

    It’s the only coffee we serve at my house. Always a smooth cup with no bitterness! PLEASE make a decaf version—we would be so happy!

  18. Candy (verified owner)

    Love this coffee!!!

  19. kzac

    Used to drink the Duncan Doughnut Glazed Chocolate Doughnut coffee, which they quit making.
    After a long search, I found this chocolate cappuccino, and made the transformation. Its now my go to daily brew, which I mix 2:1 with a mild to me roast (usually olive garden coffee).

    Hopefully new England Coffee will keep this in their product lineup well into the future. It’g getting difficult to find locally, I was available at Wal-Mart but sold out quickly… I just discovered I can order it online..

  20. Sue

    Love this coffee!!!

  21. Dana Sharon

    Best flavor I’ve tried. Tastes like dessert, without the guilt.

  22. Laura Bregy

    Love it! But for health reasons (caffeine) I cant indulge. Plleeease make a decaf!!

  23. Debbie Liebman (verified owner)

    Chocolate Cappuccino is my favorite. It’s the best chocolate flavored coffee I’ve found. Only wish I could find it in a local store! Also love Your French Vanilla.

  24. Sherril McGann

    Chocolate Cappuccino is my favorite. I second that I would like a decaffeinated version for enjoying with my dessert at night.

  25. AStevens

    Yummy! A great way to enjoy a relaxing evening.

  26. Elizabeth Hannon

    First let me say, I do not like flavored coffee, that said, a friend came back from a trip and had this coffee for me. My son made a pot and it smelled so good I tried it and now I’m hooked !!! So much that I had to buy more and also the French Vanilla. How you got such great flavor into the grounds, I don’t know but I love it. My first sip was so-so but then, it tasted like a dark, chocolate cake with chocolate icing… Great job !!!!

  27. BRAD FORBES (verified owner)


  28. Jo Po

    It was okay. This isn’t one of NE Coffee’s best. It’s like a lightly light roast.

  29. Mary

    Absolutely love this coffee. Wish it came in bigger bags. A hint of chocolate without the calories..

  30. kathyrj229 (verified owner)

    I too love the chocolate cappuccino and would like it in decaffeinated.

  31. Kimberly

    I love the chocolate cappuccino flavored coffee. Please consider making a decafinated version.

  32. Teri

    Love this .. in my dreams it would come in decaf too!

  33. Jackie Leakey

    Will please make your Chocolate Cappuccino into kCups single serve? My office kuerig cup holder does not come out. It is an older machine!?
    Please and thank you!! Plus when I travel I can take it with me!!

  34. terri

    Great tasting coffee, one of my favorites. This needs to be made in Kcups..PLEASE

  35. Floyce Woods

    I’ve tried several flavors and never been disappointed.

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