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A taste to be shared during the holiday season! The rich and creamy flavor of Eggnog is blended with our signature coffee.

Available for a limited time only and while supplies last!

Medium Roast

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

41 reviews for EggNog

  1. Shelly K.

    Purchased for myself and sister for Christmas. So glad I found this flavor online!
    was hoping to buy some more(sold out). Will defiantly be getting more next year!! Love flavor Eggnog wish you offered year long!

  2. Edward

    Bought 3 bags of eggnog coffee online in and had it mailed it to Florida last January 17th. Bummed it’s out of stock now but will look for it in December.

  3. Susan Schaefer

    Each holiday season I stock up on as much of this coffee that I can get my hands on, both to put in gift baskets and to enjoy myself throughout the season. Usually have enough on hand to last me til February, then I am forced into withdrawal again until holidays roll around. Wish I could purchase it all year round cause I definitely would! If you still have in stock somewhere please let me know cause I would be interested in purchasing more. Thank you for an incredible start to my mornings! Love It!

  4. Joan P. Musumeci (verified owner)

    I love this eggnog coffee!!! My husband and I enjoy having it all year long!!! This is the BEST eggnog coffee we have ever had!!!

  5. Janis Rowan (verified owner)

    I have always loved this coffee, and when I could no longer find it in stores, I began ordering from you directly. Sadly, this year’s coffee just does not have the delicious eggnog flavor that I always enjoyed. The eggnog flavor is very minimal in the coffee, and actually does not even taste like eggnog. Just wondering if something changed this year?

  6. Rebecca Angeles

    I love this eggnog coffee, drink it all year if I can find it!! Didn’t know I could order New England coffee from New England Coffee, glad to have found this website. I have enjoyed New England flavored coffees for years!

  7. Carolyn

    One of the best cups of coffee I have ever had! Can’t wait until it is available again!

  8. Theresa

    Great time coffee

  9. Sue (verified owner)

    When I received the email from New England Coffee listing the peppermint bark & eggnog coffees on sale, I thought, why not try them? They arrived very quickly & I opened the eggnog coffee first since our local eggnog is the “taste of Christmas” for me & I miss it when it’s gone. Had never seen eggnog coffee anywhere before now. The eggnog flavor is very subtle, but very similar to my much-loved local eggnog. Will definitely buy more of this in December 2021! Looking forward to trying the peppermint bark when some of our kids are home this weekend!

  10. jmazmac (verified owner)

    I am so happy Eggnog Coffee is back in stock. This is my favorite flavor. Keep making it.

  11. DC of NH

    I LOVE New England Coffee’s EGGNOG flavored coffee. I wait all year for it to come out again! Best of all Eggnog flavored coffees out there!! Thank you for making such a delicious flavor, you’ve got the flavor down to a real science!

  12. Richard H

    Love the New England coffees drink the blueberry cobbler religiously also love the eggnog only wish I could get it year round going to order it on line this year so I can stock up love it, love it, love it

  13. Beckie Adcox

    Best coffee EVER! When I saw it back in the store, I bought 6! I only wish it was sold all year long!

  14. Clint (verified owner)

    I’ve waited a year for this to come back. By far my favorite coffee! The smell and taste are 2nd to none! Time to stock up!

  15. XenaBard

    I’m waiting for it as well. This is so popular that I don’t understand why this isn’t a year round flavor. I would surely buy it as would these other people. Two years in a row I tried to buy it and it was already sold out.

  16. Marie Taluba

    5 stars. This is your best coffee and I am eagerly awaiting the holidays to again buy enough bags to last the whole year!

  17. Donna (verified owner)

    I buy 6 or more each year so I can have it whenever I want it. To me, this is the most flavorful coffee. It’s also the best testing. Please get it in stock soon.

  18. Dorothy

    I don’t use sugar so most flavored coffees don’t taste as good as they smell but I LOVE the eggnog. Please let me know when it is available!

  19. Christine Goshorn

    The best Eggnog flavored coffee that i have tasted yet. Now I want more. Santa, please carry this flavor all year round.

  20. Ann (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking the past few years for a good eggnog flavored coffee to replace another brand’s that was discontinued. This is it! Actually, it’s even better. I didn’t know New England Coffee was available online. They have so many flavors here that I never see in the supermarkets. I never realized they had so many varieties. Will definitely be trying more.

  21. Lena S

    I tried this coffee after finding it on clearance in December 2017, and WOW! I bought four bags, and am waiting on pins and needles to get it again! I gave a bag away and am nearly out myself. When does this come out, and how can I get some? I never even noticed it on the shelves before. One of my all-time favorites all year long now.

  22. Lilly G.

    Please make more! My store is sold out. I buy one very year and have it through the year. Would drink it more if you made it available all year.

  23. Judith Sundell (verified owner)

    The window for buying this coffee is far too short. I somehow missed it this year. It is the only flavored coffee that I drink, and I drink this year-round when I can get my hands on it. I drive from market to market to buy enough to store in the freezer for those long months until it becomes available again.

  24. Claire

    The best ever. Been looking out for the New England Holiday line to come out and I am so disappointed not to find this!!!!!!! You really need to get this out. I found it once on clearance because the store had not displayed it properly. Not good, you need to promote it and it WILL take off and become a Holiday tradition. One taste and your hooked!

  25. Mary D (verified owner)

    Eggnog is a favorite in our house!

  26. Janet & Gregg

    Our absolute favorite coffee ever!!!!

  27. Darlene DuBois (verified owner)

    This is the best eggnog coffee out there when will it be available how come we can’t get it more often thank you

  28. ANNA

    Needless to say, I have been looking forward to a cup of New England eggnog Coffee since I ran out last year, this is the best flavor coffee I have ever had, please please bring it back, and soon. Anna Marshall

  29. Jacquelyn Talley

    A delicacy worthy of year-round offering! Creamy nutmeg undertones don’t overpower the senses, and I’ve even served it over ice with sweet cream! So thrilled to see it back on the menu, even if for such a short time.

  30. robert j Dall

    i was smart [or so i thought] i bought 12 bags in december …..all gone can’t wait to see it again!

  31. Janet MacDonald (verified owner)

    love the eggnog coffee

  32. Janet MacDonald (verified owner)

    excellent taste

  33. Aaron (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several other brands of Eggnog coffees and didn’t care for most of them. Since I’ve enjoyed most of the other New England Coffees and was placing an order for more I decided I would give this one a shot not expecting much. It still sat for a couple weeks after I received it because I was hesitant, but after giving it a try I was amazed. I will be buying a bag of this one again next year if offered.

  34. James milone


  35. James milone

    love the egg nog

  36. Janet

    love this, can’t wait for it to arrive so I can enjoy

  37. Lori J. Keithan

    This coffee flavor for the season is wonderful!! Been waiting for you to replenish it!! Please make it available again before the end of the Holiday season!! Thank you……I’ll be looking for it!

  38. Sam Mastronardi

    This is a fantastic flavorful coffee . I purchase enough for the whole year . It would be nice if you produced this starting in November instead of December for a longer selling time . Looking forward to purchasing it again .

  39. Catherine Lewis

    My favorite of all the New England Coffees. Please let me know when it is available again.

  40. Meshal Welsh

    When is it comming back out. I’m impatient. Not a holiday person. But Eggnog Coffee makes it tolerable. Thankfully it’s a great product. Sincerely

  41. Drew

    I was blown away by this coffee. I typically dislike flavored coffees as they are usually overpowering and/or artificial tasting. Instead of being an eggnog flavored coffee, this product features NEC’s signature smooth coffee flavor with a subtle hint of eggnog taste and aroma. I just wish I got my hands on more of it before it ran out.

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