French Roast

(11 customer reviews)

Rich, aromatic dark-roasted beans with a smooth flavor that is ideal for both drip-brewing or espresso.


Bold Roast

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Customer Reviews

11 reviews for French Roast

  1. Evelyn Grant

    I love the taste

  2. Samuel Erenberg (verified owner)

    No longer spend summers on the Vineyard, but I still drink NE Coffee’s French Roast………every morning in California.

  3. Cindy Billups

    Most delicious coffee in the City of Philadelphia, Pa.

  4. teresa heuer (verified owner)

    Only coffee worth having.

  5. Robin D Cook (verified owner)

    just simply the best

  6. Rebecca Brear

    I love love love this coffee!!!

  7. teresa heuer (verified owner)

    We been ordering this coffee for 4 years now , my husband would rather fighy than switch. Truly we all enjoy it.

  8. Ethan (verified owner)

    Can’t live without it! I’ve been drinking it for almost 10 years now. No other french roast compares. It’s as dark as they come, with a bit of some chocolate notes, but the bitterness is clean and smooth, not biting or astringent. When you open a fresh bag, it smells like chocolate cake.

  9. Donna

    This is great coffee. Not in any of the local markets any more. Very disappointing. Miss this coffee.

  10. CP

    Consistently, awesomely smoooooth!

  11. Jonathan Bigelow

    Best coffee on the market.
    Wish it was easier to find.

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