French Vanilla Decaffeinated

(19 customer reviews)

Smooth, luscious vanilla in a mellow blend of medium-roasted South and Central American decaffeinated beans.



Medium Roast

From: $7.49

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Customer Reviews

19 reviews for French Vanilla Decaffeinated

  1. Christine

    Are the decafinated coffees 100% Arabica beans? Great flavor! I use Hazelnut cream and French Vanilla

  2. Jean Campbell (verified owner)


  3. Christina Smith

    Quite possibly the best vanilla brew I’ve ever tasted. And since it’s decaf, I can drink with abandon!
    Thank you for making such an exemplary brew! Hope to see you expand your decaf flavored offerings.

  4. Sharon A

    The best coffee out there, but impossible to find in stores! They’ve repeatedly discontinued and brought back, yet it always sells out immediately. I’m so happy I found it here. Thank you for still selling New England French Vanilla Decaffeinated coffee, it brings me joy every morning!

  5. R F

    Love your coffee. Especially Vanilla Decaf

  6. Angela McNasby (verified owner)

    Love the coffee and sometimes difficult to get it in the supermarket.

  7. Paul johnson


  8. Dorothea Colangelo (verified owner)

    one of the best coffees. their decaffeinated coffees are very very good. I recommend to anyone who has to drink decaffeinated coffee.

  9. David (verified owner)

    Originally found this flavor on a store shelf but then it was discontinued by the vendor. At the time, I was not able to consume caffeine and so this coffee was just the right brew for me. So good to find it online! Now I continue to drink it for the flavor regardless of caffeine level now that I am able to tolerate caffeine.

  10. Jeanne (verified owner)

    My Grocery store said this was discontinued! Was happy to see this on the company website. This is my favorite coffee for years! Its always the first to run out in my grocery store as long as I remember. Not sure why they would discontinue it.

  11. shayward51 (verified owner)

    Great coffee!

  12. Sylvia Hayward (verified owner)

    I was visiting family in New England and tried New England coffee and instantly fell in love. Now my doctor told me to switch to decaf coffee. New England Decaf French Vanilla coffee is the very best I’ve tried anywhere. Flavored decaf coffees are impossible to find. I buy the whole bean coffee which is amazing! I enjoy it hot and iced. Delicious! I’m waiting for you to make more decaf flavors.
    Thank you

  13. Mark (verified owner)

    The single best French Vanilla including caffeinated I have EVER tasted! Best is whole bean – just luscious every time! Sometimes I mix in some Chocolate Cappuccino beans as well–a little vanilla/mocha flavor that’s amazing!

  14. Dona

    Can only drink decaf and New England French Vanilla is the best!!!

  15. Lynn High (verified owner)

    Love the French Vanilla Decaf, can’t find it in stores anymore. Glad that I can order it on line.

  16. Robin (verified owner)

    I have tried to find decaf French vanilla in every store and internet since my local wal-mart stopped having it. I am so happy to have recived my first bag,? it!. I am know searching for decaf hazelnut French vanilla mix. Can’t wait to try more of your other flavors. Thanks so much ??.

  17. Nancy

    Love this coffee

  18. Gina

    I love the decaffeinated french vanilla! Please add the single servings (k-cups).

  19. Patti

    As a rule, decaffeinated coffee is disgusting. Thank you for making this DELICIOUS decaf!

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