Toasted Coconut

(18 customer reviews)

Rich, nutty flavors of tropical coconut perfected with sweet, subtle toasted notes.

Available for a limited time.



Medium Roast


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Customer Reviews

18 reviews for Toasted Coconut

  1. My cup has run dry (verified owner)

    My cup runneth empty (sad horn). Please bring toasted coconut back as a regular. I don’t even like coconut and this is my favorite flavor.

  2. Bonnie Diamond (verified owner)

    This coffee help me get through the day. It brings me hope. It improves my relationship with my husband. It cures depression and heals the soul. Please bring it back.

  3. Lorraine Wojchik

    The Toasted Coconut, Blueberry Cobbler and Breakast blend have wonderful aroma and taste.

  4. Kristi Borst

    How sad that this isn’t readily available. It’s fantastic. Have tried others since I couldn’t but and nothing compares. Great coconut taste without that bitter fake flavoring afterbite.

  5. Cherie Pellegrini

    Wishing you would make this a regular flavor and not just limited edition. Had stocked up but I am now fresh out. Can’t wait for it to come back.

  6. Desperate teacher who needs caffeine

    Please make it year round and back in stock!!!

  7. Desperate teacher who needs caffeine

    Toasted coconut is the BEST flavor ever. I wish they would make it available all year. I’m sad that it’s been out of stock and now I will miss having the only flavor coffee I drink. #pleasebringitback

  8. Maria

    Absolutely the best specialty flavored coffee I’ve had! I’d love to be able to get more.

  9. Ganun

    I finally find a flavor of coffee that I will drink and it’s been out of stock for months 🙁 Please bring it back soon. A teacher who needs her caffeine 😉

  10. Claire

    Please make this a regular flavor. It is awesome!

  11. Annie

    Best coffee ever!

  12. Dano

    Please roast and post more for sell soon!

  13. Dano

    Please roast and sell more soon!

  14. marion

    Best flavored coffee ever.

  15. Elizabeth Miller (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! This is the first and only brand that I can not only smell the coconut but also taste it!

  16. Stefanie

    So delicious. Great coconut flavor, smells amazing. I need to stock up!

  17. Linda Gabel

    This is one of the best flavored coffees I’ve come across. i love NE French Vanilla and Hazelnut Creme but this one is my all time favorite. Hard to find, though.

  18. Chris

    Where can I purchase more toasted coconut coffee? We loved it!

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